When my granddaughter, Kaity, was little, I sang this song to her. Often. My mother learned it as a child and she sang it because her big sister’s name was Kate. I sang it so often, Kaity got pretty tired of hearing it … but as a grandmother, I love it. It is, after all, her song.

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34 thoughts on “K-K-K-KAITY ….

      • It is. I don’t see much of me in my sons, but my youngest son’s daughters have a look of me as a child. Oddly enough, it is more expression than feature and possibly does not bode well for Alex’s peace of mind πŸ˜‰


        • I’ve been reading up on genetic stuff and I have made a few discoveries that were probably obvious to anyone with a background in biology. Although in theory, we look like a nice half-and-half between our parents, DNA doesn’t really fall in neat piles. So you can look a LOT more like one parent than another and thus actually BE (from the point of view of DNA) much more closely related to one parent than another … or you may inherit a whole boatload of material from a grandparent and really look “just like him or her.” It’s why brothers don’t always look like brothers unless they are twins and you really may BE a dead-ringer for granny. How much of our personality comes with the “look” is still more conjecture than known, but I’m betting that personality is hooked onto the same DNA. How it expresses itself? I guess you’ll find out. But you’re not such a bad egg, my dear. I’m pretty sure that having a grandbaby like you would not sadden you or your family. You’re such a great fighter.

          I am deeply fond of people who don’t just survive, but make the survival really work. When I’m ready to fall down and just lay there moaning, I remember all the rest of us who never do that, even when that is exactly what we really want to do and I crawl back up and try to make something of the day. You inspire me. You will inspire you granddaughter. And she will probably backtalk you all the time (and you will secretly love it) 😍

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  1. My sister used to tease me by playing this song on the piano with dramatic introductions, and I would always yell out, “NO! Don’t play that song!!” But she would anyway. I never liked this song, the only song about someone with my name that I know of. I thought it was hokey and implied that the object of affection was a farm girl, which I was not.

    When I was 18, I had my first job working in the kitchen of a restaurant. One week, my boyfriend came for a visit. He was sitting outside the kitchen door waiting for me, when my aunt and uncle, who had been bar hopping, appeared, totally drunk, and when they saw him sitting there, they began to sing the K-K-K-Katy song, loudly and off key. My boyfriend was embarrassed, and of course I was mortified that they would show up like that and “sing” to me in front of my coworkers!

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    • Katy

      Words and Music by Tom Paxton

      Oh, I have a little daughter, and my daughter’s name is Kate.
      And she’s every bit mischievous as a kitten on a skate.
      With a bandage on her forehead and the bruises on her knees,
      You would swear she’d fought with buccaneers on all the seven seas.
      For its up the stairs and down the stairs and in the room and out.
      Like a miniature tornado, she can blow the house about.
      Take an angel with the devil in the twinkling of her eye,
      And that’s my Katy, little lady, and I love her.

      Oh you might believe in miracles, you might believe in saints,
      But you’d never believe my Katy when she’s playing with her paints.
      For there’s red upon the window and there’s green upon her face,
      In her hair, and in her eyes but on the paper, not a trace.
      When she’s in her room and quiet, and there comes a bit of calm,
      You develop the sensation that you’re sitting on a bomb.
      Take an angel with the devil in the twinkling of her eye,
      And that’s my Katy, little lady, and I love her.

      Now my Katy loves her games, you know, and thirty times a week,
      I find myself dragooned into a game of hide-and-seek.
      Yes I hide myself in closets, under beds I quietly creep,
      And I wait for thirty minutes till my brain has gone to sleep.
      Yes I sit there in the closet and it seems like half a day,
      Then I find a friend has come to call and Kate’s gone out to play!
      Take an angel with the devil in the twinkling of her eye,
      And that’s my Katy, little lady, and I love her.

      Oh, you might have heard of daddies who would dote upon their girls,
      Who get wrapped around their fingers by the tossing of the curls,
      Who respond to hugs and kisses till there’s nothing they wouldn’t do,
      Don’t you ever believe a word if it, it simply isn’t true.
      For I’d only jump the moon for her, I’d only jump the sea,
      For the hugs I get to give her and the kisses she gives to me.
      Take an angel with the devil in the twinkling of her eye,
      And that’s my Katy, little lady, and I love her.

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  2. She has 25% of your gene DNA in her body… all i can say is it must be the most dominant gene DNA! πŸ˜‰ What happened to the other 75%??

    ( and epigenetically your on/off switches must be almost identical) πŸ˜‰

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