If a drug company were to manufacture a genuine panacea which, by ingesting a single pill, could banish every illness now and forever, the price would be set so high no one could afford it.

No insurance company would pay for it.

1989 shot of earth’s arctic ice

The FDA would take 75 years to put it on the market, if ever.

Only the very, very rich would ever use it. Those clowns would not only be the worst people on earth, but the longest lived, too.

On the up side, maybe if they had to live with the results of not caring for the planet, they might change their minds about it. Someday.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.

23 thoughts on “PANACEA”

    1. Or at least, that’s what they’d tell us. And we would have to believe them. And anyway, if it doesn’t come with a youth-update function, what’s the point? Just growing older, more cranky, and finding new aches in each joint?

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  1. Some of ‘us’ (the rabble, the non-elite, the 99%) would not WANT it anyway. I’m assured (most likely) of another 15-20 years at least and I don’t much want those. So a panacea to cure all ills? No thank you. Besides who wants to live with a bunch of entitled morons anyway?

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    1. Every now and then they come out with a cure for something, then make the price of getting it beyond any normal person’s means. I’m sure this would be beyond anyone’s means who didn’t have a spare billion in the bank.


    1. I’m that person praying that they don’t make any more of my medications un-affordable. I can’t afford asthma medication NOW and they could change anything and make it impossible to afford. It’s scary as hell.

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      1. That is scary! Asthma meds should be price controlled. The government needs to put an end to things like this, Big Pharma is out of control and needs to be put on a leash.


    1. I get the most generic medications on the market … and I never get through the year on Medicare. I always run out of benefits around now. And that is using the cheapest medication on the market.


      1. I know. I went to get one medication while I was in Wyoming and it was a $150 co-payment. The medication itself was $900! I I said thanks but no thanks. I can buy it for less not using my insurance in Mexico. This is criminal.


        1. The asthma medication is $488 PER MONTH. Oh, and that’s the co-pay. I think I can’t remember what the whole price is. It USED to be about $75 without any help from insurance.

          I don’t have that kind of money. I get samples from the doctor. I hope he doesn’t run out.

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