Sue Vincent from Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo, a wonderful site about the magical stones of the British Isles not to mention many other posts that get me thinking about … well … everything, really. From the joy of writing to the passion of archaeology and the care of the planet. A thinking person’s website. Anyway, she hailed me to come join this challenge. Again. Oddly, I said yes. Why not?

I did this first time around on behest of Judy Dykstra-Brown, who originally roped me into it. Sometimes, getting roped into something is exactly what we need. My black & white photography hadn’t gotten the energy and effort I’ve used in color photography and this project definitely improved my work.

“Seven days. Seven black and white photos of your life.
No people. No explanation. Challenge someone new each day.”

Having directly or indirectly finagled quite a few people to join the challenge a few weeks ago, I’d feel a bit bashful to ask them again, but I invite you to consider having a go at this … even if you have done it before. A push to do better pictures of a type you don’t normally do is good for your art.

Also, the idea of not only finding a good black & white picture, but one that represents “you” in some way poses an interesting mental challenge — an artistic double-whammy, so to speak. And, at least one of the pictures I used in the last challenge has been turned out to be one of my most popular-ever posts.

Who’d have thunk it.


        1. Oh yes. We live and die with our dogs. Every time I ponder moving to a facility for old people, I think “But we can’t go anywhere. We have DOGS.” In many ways, especially now, the dogs keep us going. They annoy us, poke soggy balls in our faces, drop toys on the keyboard …. but they keep us going.


          1. I honestly don’t know how I’d manage without Ani. I know I ould have more freedom to be where and do what I want… but you have to come home at the end of it…and home has a dog in it.


                1. We should probably have stuck with our two, but for some reason, Garry and Duke just clicked. Duke makes him crazy, but he and Duke are pals. I think this is our way of staying out of old-age establishments. No one will take three dogs — a few will take two if they are small. Three, never.


    1. It took me a lot of tries to get the fur to come out like that. He was on top of the sofa — his spot (and so much for preserving the sofa!) — so the sun was hitting him. He is mostly white on top leaving a bit of a burnout. I wanted the texture, so I kept trying various filters and moving the sliders until I finally saw it.

      It took awhile. I’m glad you like it. I was afraid it was too dark.


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