WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge – TEMPORARY

Leaves on the deck

I participate in WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge 2017

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  1. Thank goodness they can return to the soil!


    • Well, we live in the woods, so we sweep them up and toss them over the railing from the deck and they become hummus on the floor of the forest. I just don’t want them to make dirt on the back deck! They will if we don’t get them off before snow comes — and it apparently is coming sooner than we hoped.

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  2. One tree across the street lost almost every leaf since yesterday. 😦 I was planning to take a photo but was waiting until the sun came out. Missed that one! Just means I have to get out there and catch the ones that are left.



    • That’s why we went out in the rain. Over the past couple of years, I managed to get cameras that can handle modest amounts of weather and it paid off. If we’d waited for the sun, we’d still be waiting. The good thing about shooting in rain is the colors come out really bright. The bad thing is … well … the rain. I’m sorry you never got your shot. It has been raining almost every day … or at least drizzling … for weeks. I got the feeling that waiting wasn’t going to work out.

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  3. They’re good for one season only.


  4. And you don’t get more temporary than that.

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