They are at it again, the annual group of “Let’s make EVERYONE SAY MERRY CHRISTMAS.” Not that anyone was ever prevented from saying it, mind you. Nor does everyone celebrate Christmas — and those who do not celebrate do not care what you say about it as long as you don’t make them celebrate your holiday.

I’m amazed that anyone takes this nonsense seriously. I’m barely ready for Thanksgiving. Give it a rest.

And guess who are the perps of this mini fiasco? It’s Bill O’Reilly, the sleazy sex-offender previously of Fox news, who is sniveling about Christmas. If he snivels and whines about the holidays, maybe no one will remember that he’s a sex offender. I’m pretty sure that’s what is really going on.

According to O’Reilly (who lied about violating the rights of the women in his workplace) we are being forced — FORCED!!! — to not say “Merry Christmas?” Amazingly, this has never happened to me or anyone else I know. No one has ever prevented me from saying Merry Christmas. Or, for that matter, forced me to say anything at all about the holidays. It has always been a matter of good matters and personal whimsy.

That’s right, world. No one has ever cared what I said about any holiday. Other than responding with a smile and a returned greeting, I’ve never met a anyone who gave a rat’s ass whether I said Merry Christmas, happy holiday, or “have a great time whatever you happen to celebrate” — which I occasionally say when I don’t know what holiday you celebrate or even if you celebrate anything.

Basically, I’m a nice person and I want you to enjoy your holidays, whatever they may be. So, I say Merry Christmas, assuming I’m reasonably sure you really celebrate Christmas. If I’m not sure, I go with “Have a great holiday!” If I know for sure you celebrate something else, I’ll try to remember what and greet you with that … and if I know you don’t celebrate anything, I just shut up and ask you “How’s it going?”

If I happen to say “Happy Holiday” and it turns out, you are gung-ho for Christmas — are you going to spit in my eye because I greeted you incorrectly? Using the wrong words and thereby stepping on your self-righteousness?

The cops aren’t going to pick me up for my accidental failure to greet you the way you want to be greeted.

There are no “political correctness” police.

Anyone can say whatever he or she wants including nothing. At all. So you can be friendly, or you can be a jerk. It’s not about religion or beliefs. It’s about being civil to other people who may or may not share your background. The whole little spiel about how I can leave if I don’t celebrate your customs? Since when did your customs become mine? Talk about offensive … you’ve got a lot of nerve! What’s next, forced conversion?

I am tired of oppressed “Christians” whose idea of oppression is not getting everything exactly the way they want it — and who grouse about oppression because they might have to move their crèche to the church around the corner.

When you live in a country where you can have a church — have a dozen churches — and attend all of them, any time? That is freedom. What you want is spiritual tyranny. The laws to which you refer do not exist. The police don’t care. Basically, neither do I. I’m just being polite. To you.

I’m going to make a suggestion: No matter what anyone says? Smile and say “thank you.” That’s a win-win for everyone.

Don’t be a jerk. Let everyone enjoy their holidays their own way.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.

21 thoughts on “YOU MEAN, IT ISN’T CHRISTMAS YET?”

      1. Imaginary beings. I work with coworkers of all religions and nobody is offended by the words Merry Christmas. Like you said Mr. Bill is trying to draw attention away from his crimes. Billy boy has a persecution complex.

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  1. Is it so important? The Brits have a thing about not insulting the others, who they may be, so it is now officially happy holidays. I don’t hear it so much in German and I really don’t bother. Christmas has become a publicity stunt and money making business, so happy spending.

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  2. How insecure must people be if they get upset when someone says “Hapoy Holidays” or “Seasons Greetings” instead of “Merry Christmas”? You know, like insecure Donald Trump, who actually campaigned on “allowing” people to say “Merry Christmas” again. That will undoubtedly make America great again.


  3. When what you say is more important than who you are and what you do, things have become skewed. Practice what you claim to preach. Do unto others as you would have done unto you, turn the other cheek. There are matters of human charity much more important than how you greet others. More important is how you treat them.


    1. As I said, this is just nonsense. I do not believe ANYONE cares about this, but they make a big fuss out of it every year. It’s the “America is crushing Christianity” thing. Crushing it? Really? And yet, some dimwits believe it. We have a LOT of dimwits.


        1. No. They don’t. They don’t think enough to realize much of anything. They do stuff, they don’t see outcomes.
          It isn’t that they don’t think about one or another thing. They do not think at all. They are just following the bellwethers with the rest of the sheep.


  4. There’s and old New Yorker cartoon in which a little girl is sitting defiantly in front of a plate of broccoli: “I say it’s spinach, and I say the hell with it,” she replies.

    It’s all about semantics, and the buttons that get pushed. I do remember a clerk in a local department store saying “Merry Chr–” and then looking terribly embarrassed. The bosses had passed the word down. I said, “oh, don’t worry about it. Merry christmas, dammit.”

    I have no problem with Happy Holidays, but refuse to be forced into it. It’s right up there with not allowing men to open doors for me…some of them look a bit nervous about it, but I just smile and sail on through..


  5. My greeting this year is, “Is it over yet?” 😀 It seems to start earlier and earlier every year. I like it when it’s just a couple of days or a week. I just say Merry Christmas to everybody and my reasons are something no one would ever fathom, but it’s because the year I was in China, and was homesick, my Aunt Martha sent me a Christmas present. Of course the government opened the package and checked everything over before I was allowed to pick it up at the post office. When I got the notice, I went to get it. They were all waiting, all the Post Office workers. I walked up to the window and the woman told me to wait. Then, out from the back came an older man carrying a package as if it were finest crystal. It was a sweater. He handed it to me and said, making eye contact (not very Chinese), “Merry Christmas.” I saw in his eyes how much that greeting meant to him. I saw that it had all been planned by the people in the post office that he should have that opportunity — and me, too. I never saw him again. Hardly anyone in China spoke English at that time and those who did, the older ones, had usually paid a high price during the Cultural Revolution. So, for me, every Merry Christmas is THAT moment.

    I had to open the package there so everyone could see (not that they didn’t already know). ❤

    I think we say a lot of things and no one knows, really, the background behind them.

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    1. Weirdly, I had a similar experience (sort of) in Israel. My ex-husband sent us a tiny fake tree with decorations and lights. By the time the post office was sure it wasn’t some kind of bomb and let me pick it up, I’m not sure it was even still Christmas. It isn’t a big thing in Israel, obviously, any more than it is in China. I got it home and put it up. People came from everywhere just to look at it and gasp in amazement. A bunch of people thought we should leave it up all year round because it was SO beautiful.

      And even though Christmas is not “my holiday,” I had been missing the hustle and the songs and all the decorations. It meant a lot to get something that was so “other worldly.”


  6. That guy sounds like a pin head. And pin heads rarely (never) think before they speak, so we get rehashed stale old bits of crap that rational people are responding to by saying “Well DUH…and where have YOU been for the last few decades when the whole politically correct moron posse was getting together?” For myself I say whatever I like. If the other person gets all snitty about “Merry Christmas”, I apologize and say “Forgive me. Happy holidays, okay?” I mean I don’t come off on the non-Merry people for putting an “X” in front of their mas and leaving Christ out of the equation. I remind some of that too. And I’ve been known to utter “Blessed Yule”. Now so far nobody has been offended by that one, although I suspect I’m now branded a witch by some…


    1. The world be a better place if religion were private and personal and everyone kept his or her noses out of everyone else’s business. Since that isn’t going to happen, at the very least — now the Christmas is a huge international economic issue — a simple “thank you” ought to do the job for pretty much everyone. Unless they are looking to start a fight.

      How can a GREETING start a fight?

      We used to say “Cool Yule,” actually. Because it sounded cool.


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