These days I live to trash Donald Trump and anything and everything Republican. I spend my days reading about politics, mourning the Republican successes and cheering the Democratic/Progressive victories across the country.

I wake up each morning, grab for my phone and hope that today is the day that Trump will resign, be indicted or that impeachment proceedings will be started. I check my phone obsessively all day, looking for signs that Mueller is ready to pounce on Trump and his family.

I follow every revelation in the Mueller investigation with the rapt attention I used to reserve for cooking competitions on the Food Network. I analyze and dissect each piece of new information to try to divine if and when we will be put out of our misery.

But that’s the problem. I’ve become dependent on Trump. My day revolves around Trump and Trump related news. I spend hours reading news and watching MSNBC. All because of my red-hot hatred of Trump and Trump Republicans.

Now I’m worried. What will I do to fill my days when Trump is gone? I know I had a life before Trump. I just don’t remember what it was. I never watched cable news until Trump was elected. Now that’s a big part of every day. So what did I do before? I DON’T REMEMBER! It was so long ago! Or was it?

Actually, it wasn’t. It just seems like forever.

Why can’t I remember? I had a life for 66 years before Trump. How can 66 years be obliterated in just one God awful year? What has happened to me?

Oh, right. I used to read things other than political news. I used to watch fictional television – just for fun. I used to talk to friends about our kids, our jobs, and our pets. Not just about today’s latest tweet or the latest indictment. I think I used to knit.

Will I be able to adjust to life post Trump? I don’t know, but I can’t wait to find out!


        1. I do it all the time, but usually I’m trying to correct something and I find I’m in the wrong blog …. and I have answered comments as if it was another post. I never had a perfect record, so there wasn’t anything to ruin.


  1. You realize that life after trump will be seem dull. We’ve gotten so ramped up on the most recent catastrophe, what will we do when things become sort of normal. What WAS normal like? I’m not sure I remember. It was soooo long ago. A lifetime ago. A year ago.

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      1. Dubya still does. He gave stupid politics permission to go public. I think of him as the softening influence that has lead us to Trump. There ya go, we can blame dubya for trump.


        1. Good point. Accepting Bush and Cheney meant accepting that the president and VP can be dumb, uninformed, untruthful and venal. So we were primed to accept another lying idiot as leader.


      2. Looking back, we had good reason to be upset by Bush and Cheney. The only reason we like him now is that he is coming out against Trump and for more centrist Republicanism. We can’t forgive him for what he did. He lied us into a war, among other things. That is forever unforgivable. He let the 2008 crash happen. That is also unforgivable.


    1. We survived life after George Bush, so I guess we’ll find a way to maneuver through the boredom of life after Trump. But I will miss that sense of urgency and anticipataion when I check my phone. I’ll miss all that adrenalin rushing through me as I read or hear the news. But I’ll gladly figure out how to cope. Just give me the chance, PLEASE!


  2. I fear that my life over the past 15-16 months (since the conventions last summer) mirrors everything you said in your post. My nights are taken up by Chris Hayes, Rachel Maddow, and Lawrence O’Donnell. My Saturday and Sunday mornings by A.M. Joy Reed. I can barely stay off my iPhone’s newsfeed and even get political news updates on my Apple Watch! About my only escape from the awfulness of Trump is writing flash fiction posts for my blog and reading the posts of other bloggers. And then I read this post of yours and my blood pressure is soaring again. Thanks a lot! 🤪

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    1. We’ve all become addicted to the news! I think it’s eternal hope that the next news flash will be good news about Trump leaving office, or his family getting indicted. I know I first scour the news for Mueller articles, the only thing that really gives me any hope these days. Then I go and read the other news, sometimes even about something other than politics.

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  3. I practice drive by Trump stuff. As much as I can absorb in the seconds between newscreens and clicking them away. Just enough to assure myself that the world is still standing, and those jets going by overhead are just Air National Guard practicing.


    1. Some of my friends have reacted in the opposite way than I have. They avoid the news altogether. They can’t bear reading about Trump and how the republicans are raping our country and destroying our government. That’s another totally valid way to cope. I couldn’t do that. I’d be in a state of worse anxiety worrying about what might be happening. There is just enough Resistance news out there to keep my spirits up enough to get through another day.


    1. Is there the same blinding hatred and fear about Trudeau though that we feel about Trump and his Republican goon squad? I must admit I don’t see a lot of news about Canada so I’m not up on your political situation. Trudeau doesn’t seem that extreme or outside the norm to engender the kind of hysteria that we feel as we see our country slipping away from us and our government crashing and burning.

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      1. Not quite, but we are beginning to feel like we’ve been had once again. There’s a sinister bigotry emanating from his office. There isn’t your extreme hysteria but there is this bad odour. The ethics from our Prime Minister’s office does’t meet the smell test.


        1. I’m surprised to hear that Trudea is bigoted. that sucks if he’s not what he claims to be. But if some questionable ethics and a whiff of bigotry was all we had to deal with, I’d be dancing in the streets!

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  4. I had the same question, but then I started getting bored with his redundant, predictable crisis creating and stopped. Once a day I check, but I don’t expect much. Mueller news interests me, but I know nothing will happen there until it is possible — probable — that an impeachment trial will succeed. This is too big for close calls. I hate him too, and that was true before he was ever a presidential candidate. Everything he is and stands for has always disgusted me. Now I’m learning to live with the reality that a lot of people are NOT disgusted by him. That’s worse than Trump himself. 😦


      1. I don’t think Trump’s base would be fine except for their stupidity. I think a big part of the problem is that they are racist, anti-immigrant, homophobic, misoynistic, pro nazi, hateful people full of resentment and anger. They respond to the Republican dog whistles on social issues and will do anything to get those awful “liberals and Democrats”. They believe mind bogglingly stupid stuff in part because they want to push a hateful agenda. So they believe the other assholes out there who are just as hateful, no matter what they say.


    1. Tom and I are with you. We’re actually more disgusted with Trump’s crazy base of solid support, no matter what he does or says. That is more dangerous for the country moving forward. Trump will eventually be gone, but these people he has brought out of the swamps and into the light will be with us for a long time. The average viewer of Fox News is in their seventies, so our kids will live to see an America with a lot fewer right wing nut bags. The younger generations give me a bit more hope for our future down the road.


        1. Some of these conspiracy sites are so out there! I can’t believe that even stupid people buy into this stuff. It’s scary to think that so many people will believe almost anything if the right person tells them in the right tone of voice with the right catchwords.

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