The day before all the leaves fell from the trees was beautiful. Garry wasn’t up to going out — his shoulder has a nerve issue and he’s getting a cortisone shot for it next week. But the sun was out and filtering through the leaves in our woods in mid-afternoon. I just grabbed my little camera and went out. Shot half a dozen pictures of the sun filtering through the oak trees.Β 

I did not know that these would be the last pictures of the leaves this year. Autumn was so short … just three weeks from when the leaves changed to disappearing. Now, it’s very cold outside. It will warm up a bit, but fall ended abruptly. Overnight. These are my last two pictures from Autumn 2017, taken November 8th. Our oak woods.


    • Our heat is up and we both feel better. I hadn’t realized how the damp and cold was getting to us. It’s not exactly cozy in here … but for us, this IS cozy! Wasn’t that strange? Most of the leaves were still up, at least all of the oaks … and whoosh, by morning, gone. Strangest autumn end I’ve ever seen.

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  1. Autumn ended abruptly here a few days ago. At Halloween hardly any leaves had fallen. That’s bad since I can no longer rake them up. I even picked raspberries in the late October, a rare occurrence. Now we have had snow and everything will be coming down this week. I am hoping it warms up enough for me to bribe a neighbor to rake.


    • No, not much of an autumn at all. We didn’t even get color till the third week in October — which is very late since we usually get at least the beginning of color in September. And now, before mid November, gone. I hope that doesn’t signal an awful winter to come.


  2. It was raining leaves on me at the park Thursday… I tried getting some pictures of that, but the falling leaves just seem to blend in with everything else. I think most of the leaves will still be around for a bit longer… we’ve been flirting with cold the past two weeks, but have barely even had a true frost yet. I’m not even sure the grass has died yet, which I’ve been hoping for since the last time I cut it in August…


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