This post was originally written months ago.
It should have been topical and no longer relevant. 
Instead, it’s even more relevant.

In almost all TV cop shows and movies, the bad guy, usually a mad psychotic, a mad genius or a mad, psychotic genius, is always one step ahead of the good guys.



For at least the first half of the show, the good guys keep getting caught in the bad guy’s traps.



Or (and?) the bad guy keeps escaping at the last minute.



Inevitably, at some point (usually about half way through the show) the chief good guy says: “We’re constantly playing catch up. We gotta get ahead of this guy.”

This is when someone on the team, usually the brilliant but nerdy computer expert, will find a tidbit of information which leads the good guys to finally capture or kill the bad guy. The end. Stay tuned after the break for scenes from next week’s episode.

After a year of 45’s rule … it seems impossible, but has it really been just a year? It feels like a lifetime!



We’ve learned a few things.

  1. As bad as we all thought 45 would be, it’s a hundred times worse.
  2. 45 is not going to “pivot” or become “Presidential.” He is actually doing every crazy thing he said he was going to do during the campaign. No matter how stupid, counter-productive, or dangerous.

We learned who the President really was. Steve Bannon. Or was. Now … I have no idea.


Bannon was the one writing all these insane executive orders. For months, the guy running the country (until he either quit or was fired or some bizarre combination of both) was an avowed White Supremacist who stated he wanted to blow up the government. He wants a world-wide “Crusade” against Muslims and he considers himself “The Thomas Cromwell to the court of the Tudors.”



Yeah, he really said that. I’m surprised he knew who Thomas Cromwell was. I wonder if he also knew what happened to Mr. Cromwell.


The U.S. government has been turned into a very, very bad reality show.

The American press has been declared “The Opposition Party” and the enemy of the state. Fake news. Or as I believe they are going to be, “The Good Guys”.

In this new, very bad, Reality Show, we’re early in the first half of the show. The media are constantly playing catch up. They have to react to every insane tweet. Every blatant lie. Every horrific executive order. Before they can fully expose how crazy the last tweet or lie is, another one comes out.

This is not the way to handle these chuckle heads. The press has to get ahead of these guys. And we don’t need a brilliant but nerdy computer genius to do it. The press hasn’t caught on yet, but they are the people driving this administration.  It’s been reported extensively that 45 has the attention span of a puppy.



He obsessively watches cable news.  He then goes off on a twitter rant over whatever it is that he sees.

This is how you get ahead of him. Don’t react to the latest tweet with hours of dissection.  Report it and keep going back to a single narrative, a single point. And that point is: “Is The President of the United States Mentally Ill?”

It’s a question being raised more and more all over the world.

“There’s something wrong with this guy.”

“This is not normal.”

“This guy is nuts.”



This is a valid question, the kind of thing cable news is really good at. Cable news spends much more time putting pundits and “experts” on the air to blather over the latest tweet or the last lie than actually doing investigative reporting. Let’s start getting experts and pundits talking about this for real.

The current resident of the Oval Office is a textbook case of Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Antisocial Personality Disorder (yes, you can have multiple personality disorders at the same time).


This is something both my wife and I are intimately familiar with. Both of our exes suffered from the former. Here is a test sample question from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. The DSM-V.


Any of that sound familiar?

Now, when the press starts asking these questions, the blowback from the administration will be intense. Which is great. Why are they so defensive? Does the President have something to hide? I personally don’t know, but I hear lots of people saying  that the President is loony as a tick. (See, we can do that trick too). But in this case


The President has to have an annual physical exam — which he never did, by the way — so. why not a psychological exam?  This needs to become the narrative of the day. Every day. From now on. No matter what “President Bannon” orders. Whatever Cheesy McCheese Head tweets, we have to keep coming back to this topic.


It’ll work.

We gotta get ahead of this guy.

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25 replies

  1. To the last statement – yes you will.


  2. The sad thing is, we knew–and stated–that he was nuts long before voting day. Most of the people who voted agreed. Apparently the Electoral College did not, and that is where I suspect the shenanigans went on.

    The only way I can see to defuse this dude right now is to do what they do in the military academies to punish someone. They ignore him.

    no one notices him. No news coverage at ALL about his nonsense, no long boring discussions about his latest tweets, no dissections of his multiple personality problems. The one thing that unsettles a narcissist more than anything else is to be ignored.

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  3. While i agree and commiserate with your country’s current plight of a self-destructing Presidency, we in Australia currently have a self-imploding Government! We have ‘lost’ eight members (and counting!) of our smaller parliament/government (Very careless of us – where DID we put the last one?). As a result we currently have a minority Government of 74 members where 76 are needed for a majority vote.

    Our constitution states no-one can stand for election whilst holding citizenship of a foreign country, or have, or be entitled to, the rights of a citizen of a foreign country as well as their national citizenship, (A bit rich since our Head of State is actually Queen Elizabeth 11 who i’m fairly sure is not solely an Australian citizen – in fact is not even an Australian citizen, but i digress…).

    Turns out almost a dozen elected federal members were in the above position as of the last (and in fact all previous) elections and our High Court has ruled nearly all of them in breach of the Australian Constitution (Sect 44) and dismissed them as holding office illegally.

    Can anyone be elected to Congress/Senate if they were born in a foreign nation other than America or it’s territories?

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    • Yes, if they are nationalized for congress and the senate, but NOT as President or Vice-President. That’s how we wound up with Arnold Schwarznegger as governor of California. He was actually a pretty good governor and one of the few real independents in government. But they have to be a legal citizen and have the papers to prove it. They can’t hold dual citizenship, for example, though for all I know, some of them do and we just don’t know it.

      That’s a very interesting state of affairs. I guess we are not the only insane government. I’m sure that should make me feel better. I wish it did. It’s just that this president is doing such terribly dangerous and evil stuff, you know? It’s not just that he is a moron. He’s an evil bastard, too.


    • It good to know what’s going on there, so thank you for that.

      Liked by 2 people

      • 😉 Just wanted to let everyone know we in Aus can commiserate with you over having a ( or several) rubbish politicians – admittedly though you do things ‘bigger’ in the US ! 😉

        Liked by 2 people

        • Yes, we do it bigger! Trump is HUGE. Just ASK him. Huge. Gigantic. Humongous.


        • You can have him — without a player to be named later.

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          • Believe it or not The Donald has a higher approval rating in your country than our prime-minister (or our Opposition leader) does over here!!!

            That tells you a lot about the quality of our pollies huh?

            Even a fair portion of members of leader’s OWN PARTIES are against them in our countries – seriously – how screwed is that?


        • It seems to be a universal problem.

          Liked by 3 people

        • We do assholes better than anybody! USA!

          Liked by 1 person

          • WOOT! WOOT! WOOT! 😉

            I think we’re starting to catch up down here… slowly, but surely.

            It’s seeming like politicians in both major parties were aware for quite some time that members of their own parties (and the other side’s) were in fact illegally elected but chose to sit on this information and not come clean to the public – they effectively engaged in collusion to keep their jobs and salaries!

            The bubble was burst when an academic did a little bit of digging after asking the government and a minor party about a minor party Senator who was suspected of being a dual citizen/foreign national. This happened about 2 months after our last federal election.

            The Senator (and many others since) were found by our High Court to be illegally elected and most of them have been elected three or four times in their career, all of them would also have been illegal according to our constiution.

            What that means for all bills passed by these people (or blocked by them) is yet to be investigated?

            I can’t see any of them being made to pay their illegally gained salaries and superannuation back either 😦


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