As the drip, drip, drip of the Russia investigation is turning into a torrential downpour, the news cycle has been diverted to another story.

It appears the Republican Senate candidate in Alabama is a PEDOPHILE! A guy who had, or tried to have sex with CHILDREN!!

The facts are damning. The case against him is solid. So solid, in fact, most Republicans in Congress have come out against him and said he should drop out of the race. So, who isn’t denouncing him? Well, SCROTUS of course. What a surprise. Plus a whole bunch of Alabama Republican voters. The excuses some of them have come up with are mind-boggling.

How about: “Mary was under age. Joseph was much older, so Roy Moore is just being biblical.” Yes, that is real. I did not make it up. They also said “He might be a child-molester, but at least he’s not a Democrat.” That’s real, too.

My first thought at this was, is there no line that can’t be crossed with these people? Is there nothing this guy could do that would make them say “Enough. I’m out!”  Kill a puppy? Torture a kitten? Eat a baby?

But then I realized that the most probable reason they think the way they do is because they don’t believe the news reports. It’s all “fake news.” We live in a bizarre world where if people read news they don’t like, they refuse to believe it. Why?

Well, I think it’s mostly because of Facebook, Twitter and other social media. Most people get their news these days from social media. Not newspapers, not cable news, not network news, not local news. Just Facebook.

And where does the news on Facebook come from? Mostly from people on Facebook. All those folks sharing and sending stories they see on Facebook to their friends. Email is also a popular way to propagate “the new News”. I think the reason that this new “News” delivery system has been so successful is because you get the stories from your friends.

People you know.

There is only one small problem here. YOUR FRIENDS DIDN’T WRITE THE STORIES!

They just pass them along. 99.9% of them don’t check to see if they are actually true. It only takes about 30 seconds to go to snopes.com to see if a story is true, but almost nobody ever does it.

Unless your friend is an actual reporter you should take anything you read online with a grain of salt. Some with a grain of salt the size of a grapefruit.

That’s a lot of salt!

Here’s a sad fact. Almost all the stuff you see online is not true.

There is no pill, cream or exercise that will make your penis larger. There is no program from Bill Gates, Disney, or any other company that is donating five dollars to a cancer charity every time you forward an email.

You are not going to lose 50 pounds in two days using “This belly busting miracle food!” Nor is there a Nigerian Prince who is going to send you 25 million dollars. Did I mention there is nothing that’s going to make your penis larger?

Your friends mean well, but they’re your friends. They are not journalists.

The Russians managed to send fake stories to over 120 million Americans using Facebook. Mostly because people shared and tweeted those fake stories. Facebook is like the 9-year-old friend who knew everything about everything you had when you were nine. You believed every word he said. And he was always full of shit.

Babies come from Amazon.com

Try this as a general rule on whether or not the story might be true. If you read it on social media, check out where the story actually came from, not who sent it to you. 

News is news. It’s supposed to be factual reporting on what is going on in the world. It’s not supposed to be what you would like to be going on in the world.

P.S.: If you pass this blog along to at least ten people, absolutely nothing good or bad will happen to you, but it sounds like a good idea to me.


  1. What’s her face, Trump’s latest talking person at the White House explained that the MAIN DIFFERENCE between Trump and other accused sexual predators is that (are you ready?) — TRUMP HAS DENIED EVERYTHING.

    And this is apparently an explanation. And apparently — his followers think this means something. Wowie zowie.

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      1. Lois, I must confess…..

        I was reading an on line New York Post sports piece today and downspaced to the section where they have all those tawdry photos and come on’s for sleaze pieces.

        I confess….

        I went to the piece on Rush Limbaugh with the “shocking revelations” about his use of a new, better Viagra type pill. Supposedly authored by Rush’s wife, it detailed how the new Viagra pill brought joy into their lives.

        I confess..

        I went to the “comments” on the piece. Numerous testimonials about how the Viagra supplement enhanced the lives of so many everyday folks who are devoted followers of Rush Limbaugh and 45/Blowheart.



  2. “It only takes about 30 seconds to go to snopes.com to see if a story is true, but almost nobody ever does it.”
    Well that’s because “Snopes” is “alternative facts.” Remember those other facts that can be used to fill for facts you don’t like?

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  3. News used to be low key, careful. Now it’s not news, anywhere online, it’s statements and then discussion. Sometimes shouted discussions. Often two women with throaty contralto voices shouting at each other. I’m waiting for one of them to actually deck the other with a chair. Now, THAT would be fun.

    I think Trump just moved the bar (lower, higher, sideways, who knows) on lying: if you say you didn’t do it, you didn’t, even if you’re holding the gun in your hand. When in doubt, deny everything.

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    1. In Israel, we had a few of those actual fist fights — live on camera. They were hilarious. Embarrassing too, but we knew no one else watched our TV, so it was just internally embarrassing. I noticed, even way back then, that the camera people did NOT leave their positions to break up the fight. Live action on camera is too good to ruin.

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  4. I fell victim to a fake Facebook story once and forwarded it. Felt foolish afterwards. Sad.
    These days you have to be diligent applying common sense to what you read.


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