That time of year has come again by which I mean the period when I don’t go out a lot to shoot. Right now, there isn’t much to shoot. The trees are almost naked and whatever leaves remain on them, are not especially interesting. The dogs think this is a great time to catch up on their sleep.

Garry is on the computer, writing something. All’s quiet throughout the house. All we’ve got on today’s agenda is a trip to the doctor for Garry’s shoulder and a trip to the pharmacy for dog drugs.

I love filling prescriptions labeled “Bonnie” Armstrong (she gets eye drops) … or “Duke” Armstrong. Some people might suspect Garry is the Duke. He has an emotional relationship with “Duke” Wayne. Okay, not necessarily mutual but at least they had one, good, long chat, right?

But the pictures? Around the house. Maybe around the grocery store. No broad landscape vistas for now. When the snow falls, maybe then. So hard to know what will happen. But for now and for the month to come until we turn the year, it’s local, personal. Interior for the most part. It’s that time of year again.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.

20 thoughts on “NOVEMBER DOGS”

  1. It is a time of the year when there is nothing new to see for the camera, the autumn leaves have fallen. Getting further than the back yard is a no go and so make the most of home. And there is always the store of course


    1. There’s not much to shoot right now. This is the dull period, between the autumn and the winter. We’re doing groceries tomorrow, so I’ll take a camera, but unless the ducks are out … The dogs at least give me something to shoot! Like you and Tabby 😀

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      1. I think this is a”BLAH” period. The weather — cold, rainy, gray. We’re down to the few days before Thanksgiving with anxiety about the holidays. I’ve just come off the beisbol/World Series high and am adjusting to the new season of sports. Fortunately, our local teams are doing well but the post beisbol season has always been difficult for me. The Furry kids are a constant HIGH for us with their daily entertainment, especially their meal time shows which have a “Spartarcus” feel.

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  2. Well, from the other side of the world where Spring is about to burst into a very long hot summer, I will take pleasure and cool breezes from the pics you take and share with us. I love what the dogs are doing – that stare out the window, the watch on the world (yes, even asleep the ears remain on alert).

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    1. And if one of us should venture into the kitchen, they would be on their feet in a nanosecond. They are ready for any crunchy we might deliver 😀 You’d think they were starving, wouldn’t you? They sure ACT like it.

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      1. And I’m sure if you gave them that look (the sideways head and raised eyebrows) they’d shrug their shoulders and do the ‘oh, well, that’s dog’ body language.


        1. My dogs are STARVING, so they might try pushing me into the kitchen on the theory that I might give them something just to calm them down. Sometimes, they are right. I know I shouldn’t, but if I can’t spoil my dogs, who is left to spoil?

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          1. I guess “Duke” has been elected as the “Food Crier” by Bonnie and Gibbs. He goes into alert mode around 3pm, a full hour before we normally put out their dinner. Duke walks up very close, his Norman Bates eyes fixing on me and begins to make weird moaning sounds. I get it, Buddy.


  3. This was funny, Marilyn. I used to pick up my cat, Teemu’s meds at the compounding pharmacy (read BIG BUCK$), and when they were ready, I would receive a phone call: “Is this Teemu’s mom?” No hesitation on my part: “Yes. Yes, I am Teemu’s mom.” **insert eye roll**

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