The old town of Tombstone was rebuilt to make the movie “Tombstone.” That’s the one with Kurt Russell and Val Kilmer and it was all shot in this town. The OK Corral is here, too and you can see the gunfight every day at 3 pm, in season. So it’s old … but it has been rebuilt. It’s a great place to be. Everything looks just like the movie, including the saloon. Except, of course, you can buy modern tee shirts and all that kind of stuff.

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Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.


    1. Tombstone was great. We were there off season, which in Arizona means August. It was HOT. They have covers over the sidewalks. As long as you drink enough and stay out of the direct sun, it was okay, even for me — and I don’t like hot weather much. But because it was off season, there was no shoot out at the OK Corral. I was okay with that. Kind of felt sorry for the horses. Even walking slowly, they were really miserable in the heat.

      We have the movie on DVD and it is a favorite.

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    2. “Tombstone” is probably our most frequently watched film here at the Kachingerosa. I wait for the showdown between Ringo and Doc Holiday. Doc’s eulogy is priceless..

      “Poor Johnny, he was just too high strung”.

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                  1. Well then, that may be why. I remember when my husband started watching it and I told him it was a little raunchy for me and always went and did something else. Then one day I sat down and watched it with him. I was hooked!


                    1. Ha! I didn’t mind the violence, almost immune to that now, but I was shocked that it was on a regular tv station, I told my husband it was almost like soft porn! But now, Orange is the New Black comes out and it was way more graphic. Another great show, but do they really need those kinds of scenes? I guess reading the headlines today, the industry is all into that! 🙂


                    2. Actually, I think they DON’T need it but it’s fashionable. I could happily live without it. I have never found “graphic” — violence or sex — to be attractive. This isn’t a new thing, either. I’ve always felt like that.

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    1. It was. Is. The bad guys get it, the good guys (mostly) hang around. Lots of shooting and some really terrific and often very witty dialogue. It really IS a favorite. For a while, we watched it at least once a week. It’s still our “fall back position” western.

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  1. I commented on how much I loved the unruly children sign the last time you posted that photo, so this time I’ll comment on the store hours sign. You can tell a business is putting its customers’ convenience over its own when it is chooses to make its “weekend” in the middle of the week. So says the retail employee who has had Wednesday/Thursday weekends for 19 years now…

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    1. Garry had Wednesday and Thursday off for about 20 years at Channel 7. Until we got married, he didn’t mind much, but after that, it got seriously inconvenient. And on TV, it was just a sign that other reporters were “more important” … or had better agents.

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    2. Squirrel, those surly kids are always getting in the way. They’re so annoying. Like that brat Joey who keeps bugging Shane and his parents. I don’t blame Shane for riding away from the annoying little bugger. Give it up, Joey! Capt. Oveur has a surprise for you.


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