Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge – November 17, 2017

Owen installed the chair stair life with nary a snarled curse in the air. Not only did he install it, but he never looked at the instructions until he got the electrical stuff and wanted to make sure he was attaching the connections correctly.

“How can you remember all that stuff?” I asked.

I am awed because I still can’t figure out how to put the ink cartridge in my printer — and have actually never known how. Printers are beyond me. And if that sounds ridiculous, don’t judge me. We all have limits.

Bonnie and Gibbs watching the chair lift in action. They were fascinated by that moving chair and especially, what possibly I could be doing in it. Duke ran up and down the stairs … and Bonnie and Gibbs just stood there, watching me and trying, apparently, to figure out what this means. They don’t have any interest in the chair, unless I’m in it. And I was just testing it. It’s sort of like having a carnival ride that goes really slowly … and it was GREAT putting that 40 lb. bag of dog food on it and watching it ride up without our help!

My son put together the entire stair lift from pieces. He remembered how it had looked before he took it apart. All of it. Where the screws and bolts went. Where the switches needed to be placed. “I took it apart,” he pointed out.

“Taking it apart and then remembering how to put it back together — without even referring to the directions — is … amazing.”

I don’t think he sees it as amazing. He’s always been able to do that. Therein lies the difference in the way our brains are wired. I remember concepts. Ideas. I connect them. He remember how things work. And how to connect them. If we are all abandoned on a desert island, I’m pretty sure his abilities will be of far more use than mine.

25 thoughts on “AND NOW, A STAIR LIFT CHAIR

  1. it looks much better than the behemoths you see in ads, and damned comfy. That expression on the dogs’ faces is a wonderful combination of doubt and apprehension and curiosity. “I sure hope she doesn’t make ME ride in that…” ‘Oh, I don’t know, it might be fun to try…”

    I am very impressed with Owen’s accomplishment. Almost like a tactile photographic memory thing. As he said, he took it apart, so he remembers what goes where.

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    • It is pretty comfortable and compact. It also works better than others I’ve encountered. Actually, it works really well. I’m not using it much because as long as I can use my legs, I will … but I’m really glad to have a choice.

      Owen did an incredible job. And quickly, too.

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    • They are baffled by it, but if I’m in it, they have to watch because it’s … well … different. What could it mean? How does it affect their relationship with people going up and down the stairs? They LOVE standing at the top an watching people come up. They have a whole thing about being above us while we labor up the stairs 😀

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