Hard to believe Thanksgiving has arrived. I’m still mentally stuck somewhere in October. In fact, I’m still waiting for Autumn to really begin. Everything is happening much too fast this year.

Share Your World – November 20, 2017

If you were having difficulty on an important test and could safely cheat by looking at someone else’s paper, would you do so?

I’m pretty sure I needed help in several tests in high school. Once I was past studying material for which I would never have any need, I also never needed to cheat. Cheating is something you do when you are forced into a testing situation for which you are either unprepared, or for which nothing you could do would prepare you.

I was never going to understand my French teacher’s spoken French. I could read it, but I couldn’t understand a word she said. Later in life, I discovered I understood French a lot better when French people spoke it.

I don’t think I’ve been tested for anything since I left school. I’ve had to study a lot of things, but there was no test. Only having to write a thousand page book on the subject which other people could understand and use. No test required.

What things in nature do you find most beautiful?

That’s an impossible question to answer. I find many things beautiful. Animals, rocks, mountains, water.

The sky and the sun and the dark. In cities and in the wild. The answer to that question is a book, not a few paragraphs.

Complete this sentence: When I travel I love to….

Take pictures and try the food.

About the food, the thing I find the most incomprehensible are travelers who only want to eat food that is exactly the same as the food they ate at home. Looking for the nearest McDonald’s when you are in Japan — or, for that matter, Phoenix — is mind-boggling. Why aren’t they out there tasting all the remarkable new flavors of the new place they are visiting? Isn’t that at least half the reason for traveling?


  1. Oh Marilyn, to not eat the food of the country your in, is big mistake. There are so many wonderful and different approaches to cooking. I’ve learned so much about the different cultures by simply eating their food.


  2. You’ve hit on a big reason why I don’t enjoy traveling… and would never want to travel abroad. I want my home cooking. This palate is not brave or adventurous by any stretch of the imagination…


    • Fair enough. I’m medium brave. As long as they don’t put anything really weird in there — snails or things that actually move — I’m usually OK. Things that turned out to be OK: alligator does not taste like chicken. Much closer to squid (I like fish and shellfish, but what do you call squid?) … Emu tastes like turkey. Dark meat from the turkey. Well, it’s a very big bird, so …

      I refused to even consider horse. I’m very fond of horses. I don’t eat my friends, regardless of whether they have hooves or toes. I tried pheasant once long ago. Chicken, but kind of dry. Chicken is better. Buffalo is so close to beef if they didn’t tell you, you’d never know, but it cooks much faster because it’s lower in fat.

      Garry WILL eat anything, at least once. Except for PEAS, OATMEAL, CUT CORN (but he’ll eat on on the cob), or LIMA BEANS.

      Owen won’t go near any kind of fish or eggplant, mushrooms, or beets.

      My granddaughter won’t eat any kind of pepper — green, red, yellow, orange. NO peppers. But she can tank down sushi with my husband and that’s saying something.

      I don’t like anchovies, snails, or octopus. Squid’s okay if it’s properly cooked. I love shrimp and lobster, but usually I don’t eat lobster because it’s too much digging around weird body parts. It gets too intimate for my taste.

      Nobody in the family likes turkey. We have lamb on the holidays.

      I like hot (spicy hot) food — so does Garry as long as it doesn’t chemically remove his teeth, but no one else in the family will touch it.

      We could NEVER travel together. We’re lucky we manage two meals a year without having to call the cops.


    • Thank you! It is indeed. I found myself unable to give a simple answer. Everywhere I’ve been, nature has been grand or beyond grand. Do I love the ocean or the mountains more? How about mountains that lead to the ocean? It’s ALL grand 😀


  3. I can agree with the food when travelling. The Macdonalds is handy for a bite in between, but in the evening make the most of the local treats. Malllorca had many English style restaurants because the Brits generally avoid foreign stuff.


    • I remember people in Ireland complaining bitterly because the Irish couldn’t seem to make a decent hamburger. How silly. Go home and eat hamburgers. Meanwhile, enjoy the differences. Why travel if all you want is what you left behind?

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