It’s that time of year again when we all get together to share one giant meal. It’s amazing we manage it because it’s not like we all have a passion for the same food. We are all very particular, each in our own way.

I’m medium to a little bit brave. As long as they don’t put anything weird in the dish — snails or things that actually move — I’m mostly okay. Things that turned out to be edible include alligator, which does not taste like chicken. It’s much closer to squid. I like fish and shellfish, but what do you call squid? Emu tastes like the dark meat on the turkey. Well, it’s a very big bird, so I guess it stands to reason.

I refused to consider horse. I’m very fond of horses. I don’t eat my friends, regardless of whether they have hooves or toes. I tried pheasant long ago. It is basically chicken, but kind of dry. Chicken tastes better. Buffalo is so close to beef if they didn’t tell you, you might not know, but it cooks faster because it’s lower in fat. Hard to keep buffalo rare. The cuts are different too, but it is a different creature.

Garry WILL eat anything, at least once. Except for PEAS, OATMEAL, CUT CORN (but he’ll eat corn on the cob), or LIMA BEANS. Owen won’t go near any kind of fish, eggplant, mushrooms, or beets. All those things taste like dirt to him. My granddaughter won’t eat any kind of pepper — green, red, yellow, orange. NO peppers. But she can tank down sushi with my husband and that’s saying something.


I don’t like anchovies, snails, or octopus. Squid’s okay if it’s properly cooked. I love shrimp and lobster, but usually I don’t eat lobster because it’s too messy. There so much digging around weird body parts. It gets overly intimate for my taste.

Nobody in the family likes turkey. We have lamb on holidays.

I like hot (spicy hot) food and so does Garry as long as it doesn’t chemically remove his teeth, but no one else in the family will touch it. Garry, me and Kaity will beg for sushi, but everyone else whines about raw fish. Fools. They don’t know what “good” is.  This is not even going into actual allergies which include (without naming names): green pepper, mussels, and duck. Duck? Yes, duck.

It’s remarkable we ever manage to eat together at all. We are lucky. No one is a vegan,vegetarian, or Glatt Kosher.


  1. I have seen a cartoon that would fit your situation perfectly, but alas cannot share it in comments on WordPress. It sounds like the gathering is the thing, not the food. My cousin and her family do not care for turkey either, so they have ham. Lamb sounds tasty too! Happy Thanksgiving!

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    • We’re just getting ready to head off … and meanwhile, this is the day Windows has decided to send updates to all our machines. Sheesh. Thanksgiving? Really? You can always send to my email address. I’m sure you’ve got it — if not, you can find it in my comments on YOUR machine. I love cartoons, regardless of whether of not they are appropriate.


  2. As I sifted through (and offered) comments, I recalled all my working Thanksgivings. After covering the holiday murders, accidents and fires, we usually wound up at Darrin McGavin’s favorite Chinese restaurant. General Gao serenaded us with the Perry Como songbook.


  3. This reminds me of a number of things I don’t like, but I am good with all the traditional Thanksgiving food. My Colombian friend arrived back here this week and we are going to go for the usual, but he does not like food here so I am not sure what he will eat. I am adding rice to the menu since he will ALWAYS eat that. He is not adventurous and avoids things he has never even tried.

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  4. No meat or wheat here but the rest is all fair game…so to speak.

    But if you want me to run screaming in disgust from your table, load up my serving with cilantro. You might as well add shavings from a bar of Ivory Soap!! YUCK. (I know, I know…it’s a genetic quirk.)

    Oh and my first two words above were a lie. It’s my dirty little, hugely hypocritical secret! Turkey is my second favorite food, in almost any form. Hypocritical because I refuse to let the hunters come onto our property
    where we have flocks of wild turkeys all around. (See my WordlessWednesday post this week.) Can’t bear the thought of one being shot!!

    Happy Thanksgiving Marilyn. I am grateful to have crossed blog-paths with you, and your whole crew!


    • No problem. No cilantro. My son loathes it too and I never really saw the point of it anyway. I’m not sure what it is supposed to taste like, but I’ve never had anyone suggest it on anything, so I’m assuming it’s no one’s favorite anything.

      We have flocks of wild turkey everywhere, but I can’t imagine shooting one, although they do occasionally piss me off. They think they are VERY tough. Just ONE tire would finish them. ONE tire.

      Maybe I need a better turkey recipe. But they are always so DRY.

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  5. When I was doing the dinner, I did it alone (get outta my kitchen if you want to eat today) and learned very quickly to prepare everything except the potatoes the day before. Gravy, turkey, stuffing, all of it. None of this getting up at dawn to cook the roast beast, the dishes were done, everything was reheated in the oven and I had plenty of time to visit and not cook.

    If we didn’t have his relatives to go to, I suspect the holidays would be just extra days in the calendar. I used to be horrified by older people who didn’t have a tree, or a dinner. Now I get it.


    • Us too. We have a little 4-foot tree that is kept — decorated — in the attic. It comes down annually, sits dutifully on the coffee table then returns to the attic. Best deal EVER. I usually buy a wreath, but it will depend on the prices this year. if they’ve gone up a lot, I might not. And we’re ok with it. I bought small things for everyone, I got Garry and I a bigger comforter because a queen on queen is to small for two people who really like the blankets for themselves, and everyone else got slippers or yoga pants. Garry and I — when we can afford it — go shopping AFTER Christmas for the sale. IF we can. This year, probably not.

      It’s fine. I have a lifetime of memories of Christmas. I really don’t need another rerun. I never imagined I’d say that.


    • Judy, once about 35-40 yrs ago in my bachelor days, I dared to cook for a group of friends and co-workers. I realized quickly it was a bad move. I was rescued by one of my pals — who took over the kitchen and saved me great embarrasement. I’m still grateful, all these years later.


    • Judy, love your memories and thoughts. I’ll steal “roast beast” as another description for you know who.


  6. The list of thing I like to eat (or at least WILL eat) is probably longer than the list of things I dislike, but not by much. Mostly I dislike anything that’s good for me and like just about everything that isn’t.

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  7. Remember back in the day when the family went to grandma’s for dinner. She cooked food, put it on the table, and we ate it. Simple. Now, not only does every family have the litany of likes and dislikes you covered, but is it organic, did it come from such and such a store, and how many miles did it travel. 🙂 Hope you and yours have a lovely Thanksgiving whatever you decide to serve. 🙂

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    • Grannie must have been exhausted. Of course, my grandparents were dead on both sides and we didn’t “do Christmas” (a Jewish thing), so we did Thanksgiving and my father, who was a scoundrel, was also a really good cook and if he didn’t beat us up before dinner, it was good food. Took a little of the highlights off the meal.

      Then I got married and I JUMPED into doing it all myself and I was astounded when my mother joyfully said “I’ll be thrilled to come to your place.” I was waiting for the grandmotherly thing, but she hated cooking and she wasn’t fond of my father — even with the cooking — so coming to my place was a triple win for her. She never cooked or hosted a major event meal again and I got stuck with ALL the festive occasions.

      Which was fine. Until after the heart surgery. When i realized if I never cooked a really big meal again, that would be GREAT. I like the company. I just don’t want the dishes, or the hours of standing on my feet. As it stands, I make my absolutely perfect (and SUPER easy) cranberry relish, a big thing of cornbread, tell the dogs we love them … and we are outta here 😀 Oh joyous day, cooloo coolay!

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    • Judy, vivid memories of dinner at our favorite aunt and uncle’s house at their ”Amityville Farm”. Long Island, N.Y. Ground Ups’ table, Kids’ table. We ate and ate and ate til our li’l tummies almost burst. Raucous laughter at Ground up’s table. Something in their beverage glasses.

      ENJOY, Judy!!!!

      EDITOR’s correction note: “Ground-up’s should be “Grown-ups”. Just noticed today, day after big boid day.

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    • Judy, those were our days of REAL innocence. If lucky, we actually got what we liked to eat unless we were too finicky. The lima beans, peas, etc. I’ve truly DESPISED them. Folks have tried to dress ’em up over the years. . I’ve appreciated those efforts but doesn’t change my taste buds.


  8. no to lima beans, baked beans, asparagus, brussels sprouts. I’ve had squid. I was totally not impressed. In my soul Im a French Canadian cook when it comes to traditional meals, and I can, if pressed gently, turn out a really good turkey-cranberry sauce-stuffing dinner with amazing gravy. And if I’m lucky, I’ll never have to again.
    But if someone wan’ts to cook the meal, I’ll eat most of it without whimpering. My husband’s family does it buffet style, and I’ve learned not to enquire too deeply as to what’s in that chafing dish. With that many people, there’s usually enough variety to satisfy the fussiest easters.

    My favorite part of the holidays these days is not having to do the dishes.


    • I’m a very good cook, but I am TOTALLY cooked out. Yes, I can, but if I am even a wee bit lucky, I will never need to cook for a dozen hungry family members and nearest friends again. Ever. Actually, I wouldn’t mind friends, especially if there are only a couple of them.

      You know you’ve turned the corner into Another Age when you HAPPILY pass the Thanksgiving dinner to others and breathe a sigh of relief. Way to go!

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  9. My bestest friend of over 35 years hated to cook, but when she did it was always really really good. She had the best recipe for lobster I’ve ever eaten… perhaps because the body parts didn’t grace the table. After today’s cooking frenzy I’ll see if I can locate it and send your way. No anchovies or lima beans involved.

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    • Why’s everybody pickin’ on me? Feels like Huckabee’s pre-Thanksgiving WH MEDIA BRIEFING (new low -even for those people).

      Seriously, thanks to Owen for hosting our big boid festivities. Good eats and,hopefully,no KP.

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