Saguaro along the mountains

I have been going through my folders. My photography folders. There are an awful lot of them and within each folder are even more folders. While searching for missing photographs, I have discovered there are thousands of photographs — good ones — which were never processed. Why not? Because I moved on to the next batch of photos and never went back. Two weeks later, I didn’t remember these photographs existed.

Phoenix Mountains and a saguaro

The good news is that I have some amazing pictures simply waiting for me to get to them. The bad news is that even after I find a great batch of waiting photographs, when I go back to work on them, I probably will have forgotten them.

Shadow of the mountain

The exception to this are vacation photographs because these are always in separate folders by events — so I know where they are. Which is why the first new batches you’ll see will be from Arizona 2016.

Three mountain peaks

I can find them. They are listed in the “A”s. And there are a lot of pictures those folders.

Wide mountains with saguaro

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

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    1. Thank you. I was surprised when I realized just how many pictures are just waiting. And that’s just one vacation. I’ve got thousands of pictures that could use a little TLC. So hopefully, especially since I don’t get out to shoot much in the winter, I’ll make some progress.

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  1. Haha! You remind me of myself, with multiple layers of photo folders. (It’s even worse with my writing folders.) I too, forget about photos, so I can relate! Except I figure it’s too late to post them after awhile. Maybe I will do it anyway!

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    1. I realized effectively these pictures are new. I never processed them in the first place — and some of the ones I did, need redoing too. Of the 100,000 pictures I’ve taken, fewer than a quarter of them have been done with. Gives me something to do.

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  2. Lovely to view the landscape there. Those mountains are rounded so they must be pretty old. I’m wondering it there are a lot of fossils there?


    1. Been down there and taken some pictures in Arizona. They are older mountains. Once in the NE area of the state, including the petrified forests, and then another time around Phoenix, that included driving a route that took us up to breaks – the area where the altitude is higher and many beautiful tree and canyon places. Also have been in the area at the NW corner of the state and up into Nevada… Each is different. Have many pictures but rarely post much… especially the past few years. Oh and we went to Bryce canyon National park in southern Utah.

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      1. I know we were in some of those places, most of them the first time we were there. Unfortunately, a lot of those pictures have gotten lost somehow, though there is some small hope that they are somewhere on a hard drive. But a couple of computers went down with bad HDs and it was before i had the quality backups i have these days. So maybe they really ARE gone. We were way up by the Nevada bridge crossing over the little Colorado. I only know this because I have the pictures. And of course, not just Grand Canyon, but a lot of the area nearby. It wasn’t one of my healthy years. I was pretty sick at that point, so my memories aren’t as clear as they usually are when i’m travelling. i wish i could redo that vacation!

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