Follow the yellow brick road? No crossing! Turn left, turn right, run in circles! Put your left foot in, then take you right foot out …

Sometimes, the road signs, especially around Boston are impossible to understand, much less follow. You can make a left unless that second light under the main light is blinking yellow. Or red. And a blinking green light isn’t really green, nor is a blinking red one necessarily a stop sign. Boston is also the only town that has post scripts on parking signs.


Except on Wednesday between 4 pm and 6 pm;
Or on any day the Bruins or the Celtics are playing;
Or if there’s snow, or the street cleaners are working.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.

23 thoughts on “NO WAY OUT”

    1. Boston’s street signs are quire remarkable. I’ve lived in other cities, but Boston takes some kind of prize for bizarre signage. And then there are the subtexts, UNDER the sign — which you can’t read because it’s too small and covered in mud. That’s the part where they warn you that if you don’t get it, they will tow your car away. And they DO tow your car away.

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  1. You left out the ‘no left turn” which applies only to regular drivers in the middle of the three lanes, but not to the taxi driver (taxis are exempt from nearly everything) on your right who needs to turn left THERE. That it might be a one way street fazes them not. They are, after all, a taxi. Driving over your right bumper and gesturing rudely is a bonus.

    In Boston, signage is an art form.

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    1. We gave up. We got a ticket no matter WHAT we did. There was always a subtext somewhere on the sign in itsy bitsy letters that were half covered in paint and mud. And taxis, phhhhft. They must have one powerful union.

      Although in New York, taxis are more like a well-trained cavalry troop than mere traffic. To say they “don’t obey the rules” doesn’t come near the truth of it.

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  2. Our parkings signs are much like what you showed. (totally incomprehensible) They should read “parking permitted except when parking police come to ticket” It’s a battle against the car.

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    1. I think they just ticket you anyway and let you fight it out in court. I’ve been ticketed when there’s NO reason at all. I think they figure you’ll probably just pay it because you can’t take time out from work. Sometimes, that was true, but these days, I would go to court because I don’t work. But of course, around here, you don’t really get tickets either. They tried putting in meters one summer. They removed them 48 hours later. There were “a few” objections.

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    1. It points to “hospital city.” I’m not sure it’s intentional, but that’s where all of Boston’s famous hospitals are all lined up. Other than that, hell, there’s water everywhere in the area. The ocean, rivers, swamps, marshes and harbors. Almost the entire region is filled swamps and water, so away from water? You’d need a pretty fast airplane. I’m sure those signs are there to make someone in politics feel like they “did” something.

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      1. A fitting epilogue. Got lost today enroute to funeral of a close friend. Arrived after service ended. Rabbi couldn’t direct me to cemetery.



  3. They sometimes have a clean-up of signs in the UK. They finally realised that people were spending so long trying to decipher all the signs they were crashing into lamp posts.

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