Cee’s Share Your World – November 27, 2017

Would you prefer a reading nook or an art, craft, photography studio?

None of the above, thank you. There was a time when all of them would have been high on my list, but as the house has emptied of other residents, there’s plenty of room here to do whatever we want and a pretty good selection of rooms in which we could do it.

In reality, we do most of our stuff in the living room where the laptops live, the kitchen where the food lives, and the bedroom where we live.

Previously, my office. Now it has the guest bed and the Christmas presents that still need wrapping. And, of course, a giant oak desk. Anyone need a giant oak desk?

Garry uses his office as a place to store the stuff he can’t seem to get rid of. My office contains two critical closets (coats!) plus the guest bed. Also the router, the printer and the paper and ink cartridges — not to mention whatever boxes I’ve saved from my cameras and lenses and computers et al.

There was a time when a photo studio seemed a good idea, but I don’t do studio shots anymore and don’t think it a very likely project for the future.

So, what I’d REALLY like is for this house to stop falling apart so we can live here without wondering what we are going to do about the next crisis!

Tell how you are feeling today in the form of a weather report. (For example, partly cloudy, sunny with a chance for showers, etc.)

Chilly, with slightly damp hair. Need warm winds to blow hair dry!

If you could witness or physically attend any event past, present or future, what would it be?

I think I’d go for either lunch at the Big Bang Burger Bar or dinner at the end of the universe. Or — a really nice sushi restaurant.

Speaking of which, did I mention that Garry and I got the world’s best holiday party invitation a couple of weeks ago? We get invitations from people who haven’t forgotten we exist. Most people have, but a few remember us and this is one of the better invitations. It isn’t a dinner party, but I have to at least hope that appetizers will include wonderful Japanese foods that we will never find anywhere else.

You think?

We gave this one a definitely thumbs up, especially after I tried on My Good Dress, realized it isn’t too small … and my Better Shoes which fit, though whether or not I can actually walk in them is another question entirely. Garry is good to go and he always has something appropriate to wear.

There was a time when I owned a really great wardrobe of expensive, formal and semi formal clothing. Why in the world I didn’t hold onto it, I don’t know. It would still fit. It would still be in style. I think I hit one of those periods in life when I figured “if you haven’t worn it lately, you don’t need it,” and out it went. What an idiot!

If you own really expensive dress clothing which fits, and is in good condition? Do NOT throw it away. One day, you’ll get an invitation to someplace you never imagined you’d be invited and you will be so glad you have it. Just saying.

What inspired you or what did you appreciate this past week?  

Amazon pissed me off so much, that I got myself into one of those stubborn, “I can lick them” moods. This is not a crazy, screaming, frenzy. It’s more like “Oh yeah? Well …”

Basically, I wrote a long blog explaining exactly why I was pissed off, and for how long I’d been pissed off. I included  colors and illustrations. About 1000 word blog, really in my best “rant on the web” style, but without any unsuitable words.

You wouldn’t believe how nicely they have come around. Oh, I also emailed it to EVERYONE in their customer service department … and there are quite a few departments. And I kept sending them. I didn’t think you could bombard a large company with email, but I did. I’m not sure what it proves, but I get so tired of being the customer cum victim in my relationships with organizations that are supposed to value my business. The whole “being on hold” while they tell you how important you are to them … while they ignore you. The disconnects. The service people who have no authority to do anything but say “I can understand your frustration.”

Driveway with shadows

Frustration doesn’t begin to cover it. I’m sure all of you know what I mean. I know we can’t beat them all, but we need to try because if they think they can get away with lying to us, ignoring us, pretending they have no idea what we are talking about, it will continue to get worse until we are crushed. So … all of us … take up your electronic cudgels and FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT!

Then, have some tea and relax.

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21 replies

  1. Wow! I bet not many people receive an invitation like that! Impressive! Hope you can take pictures. You will finally get to wear your dress again!


  2. I hope you have a wonderful time at the reception. It sounds like fun and interesting and wonderful to go out somewhere special and different than the daily watering hole. Got room in your suitcase? Although I too, no longer have anything decent to wear having done the same as you owing to a move. Hmmm. dang it!


    • I should have kept the expensive, dressy stuff. It didn’t take up much room and I could never afford it again. But you know, we get funny and throw a lot of stuff away — stuff that should be thrown away and then, inevitably a pile of stuff we should have kept. That’s the way we roll 😀


  3. Thanks for sharing this week. 😀


  4. Way to go Marilyn, taking on Amazon is no easy feat.
    That party does sound like fun.


  5. Why is “home cinema” not an option?


    • We used to have a much bigger sound system than we do, but it got old, as did the TV to which it was attached. We took it down and new ones were a LOT more money, so we bought a not-so-bad sound bar (Vizio, I think) and it works well. Garry uses head phones anyway because his hearing is bad and he’s too deaf for normal speakers. His hearing is such that “louder” doesn’t necessarily make it more understandable, but headphones really help. I’m OK with the sound bar and I have blutooth speakers that work with my Kindle and a small bar for my little computer (the one in the bedroom) and the speakers in this Alienware machine are as good as speakers in a laptop get.

      But you know, I always wanted my own little movie theater. I didn’t want just the big screen and the sound. I wanted lounge chairs and a popcorn machine and a sign that glows “EXIT’ …

      Liked by 2 people

  6. Have fun at your reception. Isn’t it strange that men just need a suit and tie and we women have to search for something that still looks good and fits. I also find a movable place is handy for hobbies, there is not so much Organisation needed.

    Liked by 1 person

    • When I was working, I needed a desk and pens and paper clips and all that stuff, but I don’t need it anymore. I think I stuck with it for a long time because I was so used to being in an office, it just seemed natural. Then, after the cancer and then the heart surgery, I couldn’t be back in that office alone. I was too sick. Even after I got better, i never went back. Turns out, I didn’t need an office.

      Liked by 2 people

      • I’m most inspired by MARILYN who I don’t thank enough for what she does for me.

        –Marilyn pulled off one of her best “Max Perkins” edit jobs on the “Almost Jimmy Stewart Interview” piece I wrote. She found just the right way to say HOW I felt about the “almost” encounter. A masterful job, Marilyn. Thank you!!

        –Marilyn also found a series called “Theater-Land” on Roku’s “Acorn” Channel. “Theater-land” (If I remember title correctly) is a wonderful back and front stage look at the staging of “Waiting for Godot” in London’s prestigious West End Theater district, their “Broadway”. You meet everyone from stars (Ian MacKellen, Sir Patrick Stewart and Ronald Pickup) to a budding actress who’s just been hired as an hostess/usher to the Dad/Daughter plumbing team who are absolute bathroom cleaning artists (Bathrooms get proper star treatment) to the young stage manager and a veteran understudy actor who actually gets to go on for one of the stars and does well. The series is actually a dual look at the production – in progress — as we are taken up into nooks and crannies of this historic theater. After 6 or 7 episodes, I felt like I’d actually been IN the theater and part of the company. In all, a very entertaining, FEEL GOOD, viewing experience.
        THANK YOU, Marilyn!!

        –We have a funeral to attend (tomorrow). A former colleague and dear friend passed away Saturday. Marilyn has been very good at helping me cope. No small feat.
        THANK YOU, Marilyn!

        It’s just a typical week for my BETTER half.

        Yes, I’m a lucky guy!


    • If they don’t have sashimi, a sleeping giant shall be awakened.

      Liked by 1 person

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