That’s what I write about in this blog. Snippets.

A small piece or brief extract.
“Snippets of information about  … “
Synonyms include ” a piece, bit, scrap, fragment, particle, shred”

This is the place for the small things I can wind around my fingers. Like  playing “Cat’s Cradle” … verbally twisting a bit of yarn to make one shape, then twisting it again and finding another. But it’s still the same yarn and you should remember that as you twist it to your various shapes.

Blogging is perfect for the small things. Posts are short and usually, a single idea or piece of an idea is enough to make a story. I try to avoid the big picture. This is not a “big picture” forum. This is the place for a speck of an idea, spun outward to form an almost complete thought.

Today’s snippet is a bare snippet. A tiny post about a fragment of an idea.

12 thoughts on “A MERE SNIPPET

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