This morning, after last night’s midnight signing of a law to abandon Americans to the tragedy of poverty with no recourse to government, I realized that there can be but one reason this has happened.

The Republican party and nearly all its members have signed contracts with the Devil. Real contracts. Signed at the crossroads in the dead of night. In blood. Because this certainly can’t be any kind of “principles” from anyone who is supposed to protect this country from danger or economic collapse — or even nuclear war. This has got to be the foul paw prints of the evil one at his finest.

Christians? I don’t think so. Does anyone see any Christian act in any of the behavior of this band of evil-doers? I thought not.

At some point, late in the night, they all gathered and each drew blood and signed their name. From this they got “a career” and probably wealth — because in the end, it’s always about money. It is possible that the Koch brothers actually are emissaries of the devil, if not the devil incarnate. Hard to tell in these modern times.

Welcome to Hell, folks. I believe we are living in it.

69 thoughts on “A DEAL IS A DEAL


  2. So ‘our’ ( your) politicians vote for a bill with amendments that is over 400 pages long that was presented just a few hours before the vote so quite literally NO-ONE had read in it’s entirety?

    Why, when we get this kind of great ‘service’ and diligence in representing their electorate’s best interests (HAH!), in the name of all that’s holy do we keep on voting for these morons???


      • This has been primary conversation for Marilyn and me, which depresses the hell out of us, but one thing seems clear — The Squatter isn’t giving up his land because of all the bad news and the threat of impeachment. Unless they nail him on treason, he’s not getting out of Dodge. Unless they get Watergate type material on him, he won’t give up the ranch. It’ll take a great showing by the Democrats in the mid-terms and deep doo-doo for the Republicans for the Bully Boys to run their Jefe out of town.

        Meantime, it’s great fodder for late night comedy/ talk shows. As the revival tempo monologues pile up the missteps by Orange Head and his minions, the audience gets more and more excited, anticipating a climax that the Big Fat Bad Hombre is leaving. No! Not happening that way. Sorry to be a party pooper but reality bites.

        Don’t shoot the messenger. Men are cheaper than guns.,

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  3. Koch brothers. Their name is everywhere. I forget what they had their nose in on an article I read in a newspaper from Montreal last year. I guess money talks, because if Joe public did what they talk about doing, there would be trouble. Serious trouble. What is it about them that allows it. Do they have a role in government that allows them to do certain things?

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      • I will try to find out what is was in the article, but he was going to fund some kind of civil thing in another country. If they have no employment involving that type of thing, then they are just a civilian funding things. If any other civilian said that, there would be a price to pay, as we are not to interfere in such things. Is that legal?


      • Not Australian! Ours are bad enough but are kittens in comparison to wily old lions; the Koch brothers are Kansas kids, pure American. Not ours! Definitely not ours! And if you want to get rid of them, I can recommend Kenya, Somalia, or better yet, Atlantis (but don’t give them breathing apparatus). Send them there without their props, see how they do without the things everyone needs to feel secure enough to sleep well. Their interests: founded and funded a number of conservative and libertarian political organizations; that’s the nice version. There’s a lot about them, and now that they own Time, they can say anything they like about themselves and the people they support, and tarnish anyone who doesn’t.


    • I’m not sure yet. I think it won’t affect us specifically because we are already old and on Social Security and medicare — and we live in Massachusetts. Our house is low in value, so the changes to mortgage interest deductions won’t affect us. As for the rest of the deductions, we haven’t taken them since we retired so they are a non-starter for us.

      But IF this passes — and it is still an if — it will be ugly for anyone who is poor. The poorer you are, the worse it will be. People in old age facilities will get kicked out and where they would go after that, no one seems to know or care. Disabled children will be without medical care. Middle-class people with big medical bills will be destroyed and probably dead. Cuts to social security and medicare? They are not exactly luxury NOW. I don’t know how they think anyone can keep going.

      I keep thinking it can’t be as bad as it seems … but it looks pretty bad.

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