PATINA – a green or brown film on the surface of bronze or similar metals, produced by oxidation over a long period.

This covers a lot of territory. Most of it human. It’s why in the sun, they might appear like gold, but catch them sitting in the shade, and they look like what they really  are: SHIT.

Note to all of my favorite Aussie followers: Rupert Murdoch is alive. I do not know if he is well, but he is 86 and hanging in there. If you think Fox News is one of the worst things to happen to news in centuries, thank Rupert. Australia, please take him home.

The worst news of all — for me personally? He shares my birthday. I’m shaken and shamed, and my only good news is that so did Douglas Adams. Does one make up for the other?


I’ve learned to write thoughts down when I have them these days. Mostly because I’ll forget those thoughts ten seconds after I have them. Unless I’m really stoned. Then I forget them about three and half seconds after I have them. I look at them the next day and usually have one of three reactions.

  1. What the hell was I thinking?
  2. Damn I was really stoned.
  3. Ha, that’s not bad.

The number threes usually become a post. I was looking over my notes and one was just the headline Unhinged, Unfit and Unbelievable. I  wanted to step back and get an overview of what’s been happening since the archetypical “drunk Uncle/racist Grandpa/senile parent/total asshole, ascended to the Oval Office.

For the last two years we’ve all been so focused on the trees, we’ve lost sight of the forest. And the forest is seriously fucked up.

Well that doesn’t look good.

People these days are saying we are in a new civil war. You know, like the one  that we had few years back. The war where Americans, neighbors and brothers, went to war and killed each other over their differing beliefs. In their case, slavery. And to all of you out there now going “NO, it was about State’s rights”, shut the fuck up. It was about slavery.

But is what we have today really like the Civil War?  I’m beginning to think if those folks, those Union and Confederate soldiers were here today, seeing what is going on they would say:

“Are you kidding me??”

They may have disagreed on whether slavery was good or bad, but at least they all agreed that slavery existed!

Today’s civil war is about reality, that is “what IS reality?” Really. It’s 2017. There are still people who truly believe the Earth is flat.

There are still people who believe that we didn’t land on the moon. Despite all evidence to the contrary or maybe because of it. 

And  there are still people who believe that Donald Trump and Roy Moore are not serial sexual abusers. Even though they have both been accused of abuse by many, many women. And both have been accused of abusing CHILDREN!


And before you start screaming fake news, Trump was accused of raping a 14-year-old girl. She was going to file a lawsuit, but didn’t because one week before the election, she was getting so many death threats from Trump supporters, she changed her mind. She feared for her life.

You can check it out. I know this because I was working at CBS the day the announcement was supposed to be made. I was watching the feed from the lawyer’s office. All the media was there. It was going to be the blockbuster story of the day. Then her lawyer came out and said she was dropping the lawsuit because she was afraid for her life.

Now to the unbelievable parts, the excuses supporters of Roy Moore have been giving. These go beyond unbelievable and beyond unhinged.

  1. “The Virgin Mary was a teenager and Joseph was in his 30’s. So Roy Moore is just being biblical.
  2. Roy Moore went to Vietnam. When he got back, all the women his age were married. So only teenagers were “pure” enough for him.
  3. Lots of those 14-year-old girls looked like they were 20.”
  4. “Ringo Starr sang a song called ‘You’re sixteen, you’re beautiful, and you’re mine.’ And he was 33. Are you dissing Ringo Starr?”

These are his supporters’ real excuses.

Number 4, that last one was also real. I did NOT MAKE THAT UP!

I picked this one as the winner.

“I don’t know if he did it. But even if he did, he’s better than a Democrat.”


Democrats are so bad, that a PEDOPHILE is a better choice? We are worse than CHILD MOLESTERS? Who, in their right mind would say that? Oh, yeah. THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!

Democrats bad. Child Molesters good.

This is the forest in which we now live. Thirty percent of our trees are BATSHIT FUCKING CRAZY. Most of them claim to be: “Evangelical Christians.” I put that in quotes because there many other Christians who also think these folks are insane.

In the old days, when the forest wasn’t on fire with the flames of insanity, right-wing folks used to call us “Tax and Spend Liberals.”  That was supposed to explain everything that’s wrong with the left/Democrats/Liberals.

That particular “insult” has always driven me crazy. “Tax and spend” is an explanation of what a government does. Governments need to run a country. It costs money to do that, so they have to make money. How? They tax the people who live in the country. Are there other ways to raise money? Sure.

The U.S. government could hold bake sales. They could take in laundry. But to cover the trillion-dollar budgets we have these days, not to mention the trillions of dollars of debt we are in, the government would have to sell a shit load of cookies and take in all the laundry in the world — and it still wouldn’t cover their nut.

So instead, we have taxes. The government collects taxes. Then, they spend those taxes. That’s their job. The only remaining questions is who is going to pay the taxes? How much will they pay? And exactly  for what will those taxes be used?

So yes. I am a tax and spend liberal. As opposed to the “no taxes and but spend anyway” Republican cohort. I freely admit this. In this reality, am I worse than a pedophile? Seriously?

In the great ether, two ghosts are watching. One, dressed in blue, is Union. And the other, dressed in gray or butternut, is a Confederate. They are looking down on our mess and saying:

“Damn, you guys are seriously fucked up.



I was lucky enough to have a truly remarkable and unique experience. It happened on July 4, 1976. It was part of the huge Bicentennial celebration in New York City in honor of the 200th Birthday of the Declaration Of Independence. There were festivities all over the city for a whole week.

There was a parade of old-fashioned Tall Ships from all over that majestically sailed up the Hudson River. I only saw that on TV but it was an incredible sight. (I did get to see a few individual ships in the harbor as we drove into the city, but not the full parade).

One of the Tall Ship-s sailing on the Hudson River with the World Trade Center in the background

The pièce de résistance of the celebration week was the fireworks display that was set to go off from the Statue of Liberty on the night of July 4.

At the time, my husband, Larry, worked at a law firm in New York City. The law firm scheduled a big office party on the night of the 4th of July. They booked the restaurant at the top of World Trade Center One, Windows On The World. The restaurant was on the 107th floor and had an unobstructed view of the Statue of Liberty, which was just a short distance out in the harbor.

When the time came for the fireworks, we all gathered around the floor to ceiling windows facing the Statue of Liberty. I’m short, so I was funneled to the very front of the crowd. There was absolutely nothing between me and the view outside.

Bicentennial Fireworks with World Trade Center

The fireworks display was, appropriately extraordinary. It was so close I felt I could reach out and touch the bursts of light directly in front of me. It had an eerie quality because I was 107 floors up in the air. So the fireworks were not only nearby and coming right at me, they were coming right at me at eye level. They weren’t coming from above, as they usually are. They seemed to be aimed right at me. I even flinched at first, fearing that the window would be hit by stray sparks.

Fireworks in color, with World Trade Center in background

Once I relaxed, I sat back and enjoyed a truly awe-inspiring show. I’ve always loved fireworks. Unfortunately, no display since then could even come close to rivaling that night.

Remembering that night is bittersweet. While it was a euphoric experience for me, it’s sad to realize that no one will ever again get that great view from the long gone tower at the World Trade Center. I’m sure the views at the new buildings on the World Trade Center site are magnificent. But for those of us who lived through 9/11, it will never be the same.