PATINA – a green or brown film on the surface of bronze or similar metals, produced by oxidation over a long period.

This covers a lot of territory. Most of it human. It’s why in the sun, they might appear like gold, but catch them sitting in the shade, and they look like what they really  are: SHIT.

Note to all of my favorite Aussie followers: Rupert Murdoch is alive. I do not know if he is well, but he is 86 and hanging in there. If you think Fox News is one of the worst things to happen to news in centuries, thank Rupert. Australia, please take him home.

The worst news of all — for me personally? He shares my birthday. I’m shaken and shamed, and my only good news is that so did Douglas Adams. Does one make up for the other?

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.


  1. Bleah! Sharing a birthday with Rupert Murdoch. Luckily Douglas Adams cancels him out. Rupert Murdoch has caused enough damage here as he owns most of our major papers. We don’t want him back. I think he is a US citizen now too. Sorry.


  2. Perhaps it’s mindset due to my recent attempts to match the patina on hardware from a piece of furniture I’m refinishing. You’ll be delighted to know my mind was elsewhere when I read the title and “green” words at beginning of this… then scrolled down to a pic of ol’ Orangey… and promptly spewed my coffee across the keyboard. Yes, I believe some even came out my nose. Likely my best laugh of the day. And no, I couldn’t finish reading. Would have spoiled the effect.


  3. Rupert Murdoch is ‘alive’ and ‘well’ and married to Jerry Hall (what some people will do for money!) and we don’t want him back thank you very much – it took us about 50 years to get rid of him and now he’s got US citizenship we’d really rather you keep him – or exile him to Alaska maybe?

    Unfortunately we still get fox media and newspapers over here, much to my regret – he may be gone but there is no way we will be allowed to forget him. 😦

    I share my birthday with John Travolta and Jack Palance. My Mum has you beat flat out – she shares her birthday with Hitler – game over! 😉


    1. You mother beats me on that, though not by much. Murdoch is getting bought out by Disney … which I think is a good thing. I think it’s about a 50% buyout. Check your news. It’s gotta be a story down there, too. Let me know what you think.

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      1. It made our TV and Radio news headlines. He’s selling his Movie and TV divisions to Disney and includes the rights to assets like The Simpsons. I think he keeps the newspaper network and whatever else his tentacles have sucked in?
        Hopefully Disney will do something decent with Fox TV news but i don’t know enough about their executives to know if there will be any better balance or if they intend to keep with controversy?? I think Murdoch corp. gets about $32 billion out of it but that could be Aussie dollars or US?


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