I keep reading about how Trump is going to be impeached. Meanwhile, I keep thinking two presidents were impeached: Andrew Johnson and William J. Clinton. Neither was removed from office. It was more like a bad mark on their permanent record than getting expelled. They were harder on Harry Potter than either impeached President.

This doesn’t mean I had or have anything against Bill Clinton (I liked him a lot) except the whole thing about men and their zippers and how come they can’t just keep them zipped — at least until they get out of office. Would it really kill them to not screw someone inappropriate for a few years? Men can be such pigs. But I digress.

I do not think Trump will be impeached. “Why not?” you ask.

Because the Senate doesn’t want to. Even if Democrats utterly wipe the floor with Republicans in 2018 by winning EVERY available seat in the Senate, it does not mean the Senate will impeach Trump. And if they did, why does everyone assume that impeachment would unseat Trump? It hasn’t unseated the two presidents who were impeached. The only thing that can unseat a president are “high crimes and misdemeanors” for which there exists no clear, current definition.

Moreover, a GOP-dominated — or even a Senate with a substantial percentage of them — does not have to act on impeachment. Regardless of the outcome of any investigation, now or in the future, there is no mandate to do anything about it. And yet, despite the ineffectiveness of previous impeachment procedures, everyone is convinced that this time, it will be different.

Why? What would make this time different than before? What new law is on the books? What new interpretation of “crimes the president can commit” exists?

I’m as unhappy as anyone about the state of the nation, but I’m a pragmatist. The harder I look at it, the more I’m convinced this is another not-happening event. Senators aren’t going to take him down. For way too many of them, it would be the same as taking themselves down.

If we are all very lucky, Mueller’s investigations will take down many of his Trump’s cronies. Which maybe will improve the situation a little bit. But eliminating Trump? You think so? If you think so, I’d like to hear why you think so. Based on what? Because I want to believe. I really do.

In the end, I believe that ending this disaster will rest with us. Voters. In 2018 and 2020. If we cannot stand together and sweep the bastards out of office, life in these United States is going to get increasingly ugly and frightening.

Talk to me. Tell me I’m wrong. Convince me I’m crazy or I just don’t understand the situation.

I’m listening.

And from Garry Armstrong:

This has been primary conversation for Marilyn and me, which depresses the hell out of us, but one thing seems clear: The Squatter isn’t giving up his land because of all the bad news and the threat of impeachment. Unless they nail him on treason, he’s not getting out of Dodge. Unless they get Watergate type material on him, he won’t give up the ranch. It’ll take a great showing by the Democrats in the mid-terms and deep doo-doo for the Republicans for the Bully Boys to run their Jefe out of town.

Meantime, it’s great fodder for late night comedy/ talk shows. As the revival tempo monologues pile up the missteps by Orange Head and his minions, the audience gets more and more excited, anticipating a climax that the Big Fat Bad Hombre is leaving. No! Not happening that way. Sorry to be a party pooper but reality bites.

Don’t shoot the messenger. Men are cheaper than guns.,


  1. To be frank, when he was elected my husband who had predicted this event reassured me betting that he would be impeached before the end of 2017. I didn’t want to jinx it but now it looks sadly unlikely. But 2018 is coming up soon, and I still keep my hopes high.


  2. Our only hope is the same as the Nixon solution. They get so much on him he is forced to resign under the promise that President Pence (not really a much better choice for POTUS) will pardon him right away for the good of the nation. If he will just get out of town!


  3. I don’t understand what’s going on either. The best I suppose that we, as a nation, can hope for is that a miracle happens and someone who actually possesses an ethical bone in their body shows up for the 2020 election. And we all know how rare and unlikely that scenario is. Maybe someone will circulate a handbook describing the show, because those of us in the cheap seats are confused as hell and that huge telemonitor thing they use to show us the goings on is giving me a migraine. Me? I am terrified. I’m a 99%er and apparently that idiot with bad hair and the ugly fake tan wants to kill me and all like me, by starving us to death, turning us out on the streets en masse or letting our chronic illnesses do the job. I’ve no idea why either, I never did anything to HIM, including voting for him. Maybe it’s time for that good man or men to DO SOMETHING about it, because apparently the lack of action is all it takes for evil to take root, spread and grow. Maybe it’s just time it was all over with, we’ve screwed ourselves royally and there’s no apparent way out of the quagmire..


    • I’m with you all the way. He is going to be a mass murderer, all while smiling at the world and telling them what a GREAT job he is doing. Does he really believe it? How evil IS he?

      Getting him into office was easy. Getting him out? That is going to be a very different thing. I hope we find a way to do it. I count on him continuing to eat the crap he eats. Clogged arteries may get him before the elections.


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