I wrote a post a while back called Unhinged, Unfit and Unbelievable.  Actually, I wrote it about 10 minutes ago.  But who knows when this will actually air. In it, I was pointing out that in our current surreal reality, we are all looking at the trees and not seeing the forest. The trees are becoming crazier and crazier and the forest is aflame with the fires of pure insanity.

Well that doesn’t look good.

But then I realized that there was a bigger forest. The universe. That’s where the crazy comes from. But why? Why is the universe so … weird?

Some physicists think our universe is a 3-dimensional hologram being produced by the 2-dimensional surface of a really big black hole.

That’s weird.

But I think the real answer is even weirder.  The universe is just a big, really, really big reality show. And this is how it came about.

Consider God. Or whatever you perceive as God. Buddha, Allah, Universal Consciousness, a guy named Phil. Whatever. This being/entity is all-knowing, all-seeing. Omniscient, omnipresent. He/she/it is the entire universe. So — what is it like being that … Supreme Being?

Well, for the first few billion years it’s fun. Creating things like stars and planets and nebulae. Then blowing them up and making new stars and planets and nebulae. Cool stuff. But at some point, you wake up one day and go “So, what do I do today.” You realize that you haven’t invented days, so you do so. That takes a week. And then you wake up and realize … you’re bored. “What do I do today?”

Oh yeah, I already know. I’ve done it all, I know it all. Damn. This is really getting old.”

nancy lemon blog

So, he/she/it has an idea. “I know, I’ll create all sorts of sentient, or sort of sentient life forms. I’ll put them on billions of planets and give them free will. They can do anything they want. Good, bad or just stupid. (Note to self. Invent Good and Bad.) I have no idea what any of them will do.

I could interfere, but I won’t. That would spoil the fun.

Over 100 trillion channels and there’s nothing on worth watching.

And then he/she/it just started sitting back and watching. The unfit, unhinged and unbelievable reality show called the universe. Lately he/she/it is watching us a lot. I imagine God and Jesus sitting in front of a really big TV screen with billions of feeds from billions of worlds. Right now, they are focused on our feed.

JESUS: Damn Dad. You put me through all that shit just to end up with these jack asses?

GOD: Sorry, my bad. Guess I didn’t really think that one through.

We’ll just change the channel.




  1. It’s ironic that you wrote this a few days ago, yet today is the day Trump actually threw his weight behind a pedophile explaining that they needed someone who was touch on crime. Apparently in Alabama, pedophilia is NOT a crime. There is absolutely nothing I can say about this, Few things leave me speechless, but this is one of them.

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  2. Nice attempt at regaining the sense of humour that can be so lacking in these troubling times!

    Just as with Doug Adams’s Life the Universe and Everything, otherwise known as TH-HGTTG, it’s not so much about finding the right answer as asking the right question…

    …which i think should really be not “how can people be so stupid/evil/wrong-thinking?” so much as ” How can i best get through this with the minimum possible damage?”

    I’m still stuck for the answer. 😦

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    1. Well, as Adams explained in a later book. You can’t find the ultimate question to life the universe and everything because as soon as you find the answer, in this case 42, the universe changes to a completely different universe and that answer is no longer valid. Same thing goes if you find the question first.

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