“It is a lot harder to get rid of a bad government than to elect one,” said my Tasmanian friend.

It sure is. We  elected Trump — though I take issue with including me as I did not vote for Trump or anyone in his party. Ever. We opened the door and let them in. Getting them out again is going to be one huge mess. I wonder how we will do it, what with all the gerrymandering in the various electoral districts and a broken Electoral College.

First, you get elected.

My father used to remind me — regularly, as if I were otherwise going to forget — that the German people voted for Hitler. He didn’t thug his way into power. He ran for office and they voted for him.

We — as a nation — voted for Trump. Some voted for him out of some bizarre but well-intentioned belief that he might do some good. Others were just pissed off and they wanted to make a loud noise — and they most assuredly have done exactly that. Many voted for him by not voting at all, or voting for non-electable candidates, effectively skewing the election.

It wasn’t a national sweep where we all got together and thought he was “the right guy” for the job, but  the weird statistics managed to get it done.

Trump is the man pushing through laws we thought we’d beaten off. All the positive things we thought we’d accomplished turning to rubble. It’s going to be long road back.

Then, you pass some really evil legislation.

Like the Germans, we did it freely. No army pushing us. No thugs at our backs beating us down. There was a hint of potential thuggery, of course, but few of us directly experienced it. Now, welcome to a new world. Our world. We bought it, moved into it, and are living it. Hell isn’t theoretical anymore. We are in it.

Look what we’ve got. Laws which will in short order make the poor more poor, the middle class a lot closer to poor and a several hundred filthy rich people ridiculously even filthier and richer.

Laws which will make most of us less healthy, will kill many who remain. Children will die of easily controllable diseases, as will their parents and grandparents. Old people will starve and live in poverty without a safe place to live.

The roads and railways will crumble. Our last remaining places of beauty will become sump holes of oil hunters and fracking companies. Pollution will increase, the air will get less breathable. Jobs won’t trickle down.

Because poor people don’t spend money and without a demand for goods, no one will hire new workers or raise the wages of existing ones.

Many of us will do our best to keep our spirits up and stay on a better course. We will never stop hoping that something will happen to get us back on the right track. Maybe Fat Orange Head will keep eating those fried burgers until his heart stops pumping. He’s old enough, fat enough, and sluggish enough. We can hope. Maybe in the middle of a Tweet, his brain will finally melt down.

We dream of a better future.

Where are the new Democrats? Why do I always see the same old faces? Assuming we have the will to drive the current assholes out of office — who are we going to elect? When do we see the new faces to will lead us forward?

Most of us still believe this country is a democracy. Is it?

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.


  1. I had no idea that cretin had now decreed he wants Muslims to wear special IDs…suppose he’ll have them tattooed on the arms of those he catches? Is this really 2017 or have we regressed one hundred years? My God.

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  2. trouble is, this isn’t one bad apple at the top of the basket, this is a whole damn basket of bad apples slowly going badder.
    We can survive a poor/ineffectual/over the top/fruitcake president, if he has decent people around him, sweeping and mending and repairing as he careens from right to left, but when the leader is surrounded by an equally scary cabinet, well…

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  3. Hard to discuss with reason because what you say is true. He is LIVING history not some demon from the past we can dismiss with detached horror. Hope is focused on the ’18 midterm election and emergence of younger, sane legislators who realize it’s a long haul cleanup job.

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    1. It won’t just be electing new people, either. It’s going to be undoing and redoing all the bad legislation and who knows how much awful stuff he will do before he’s finished with us. Boggles the mind. It has fully boggled MY mind!

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  4. If his administration authorizes Erik Prince’s proposed private global spy organization (read about it here: and increases the role of private military organizations, we’re screwed. Well, we’re already screwed, as you so eloquently put it, but I mean screwed for many years to come.

    Take care, be well, and happy blogging,



    1. Sadly, I think we are already screwed for years to come anyway. NO matter what happens, even if we sweep the elections in 2018, it’s a mess that has to be undone, redone … and it isn’t going to be a quick fix, either.

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  5. Great post, with your side by side comparisons of Hitler and Trump. I don’t know if we are really a democracy. It seems we haven’t been for awhile. The Electoral College was invented in order to make sure a total buffoon wouldn’t be elected president. Where does that leave us now? Every day, something cringe-worthy happens. Yesterday, it was the announcement that the capital of Israel will move to Jerusalem, which caused immediate protests by Palestinians. All we can do is protest, make our voices heard…and cross our fingers that the nation survives a Trump presidency. (Hoping for a Democratic victory in 2018!)


    1. An awful lot is hanging on the 2018 elections. That brings the entire House of Representatives up for election. IF we can genuinely sweep the house, and keep the democrats in the Senate (25 are up for election, plus 9 Republican seats) we’ll pull out of this. But it will depend on us. People. Voting. Taking voting seriously and paying attention to who they vote for.


  6. I’m probably being over simplistic but since poor people don’t spend enough money to boost the economy wouldn’t it make sense to somehow boost their incomes?Then they would spend money, support businesses and more workers would be hired etc. Trickle up instead of trickle down.I very much like the idea of the guaranteed living wage for all citizens rather than the grudging “dole money” that barely covers your expenses and that you are made to feel like a criminal for accepting.


    1. Actually, poor people spend like crazy when they get money. Better off people pay down credit cards and save money. POOR people go out and buy everything they can. Trickle up works a lot better because it creates demand and demand means hiring. But everyone KNOWS that. They keep doing the same stupid stuff that didn’t work before and being surprised that is didn’t work again.


      1. A few years ago at the beginning of the GFC our government, Labor at the time, authorised a stimulous package. Many people were allocated a sum of money. I think it was about $1,700. It was a great relief to a lot of us but there was some complaint that a lot of people saved it or used it to pay debts. We were certainly not hit as badly as the US or many European countries so I think the idea was sound.


  7. we aren’t a democracy, either, but a republic. It’s nice to call us one, but “to the republic for which it stands” has always been there.


  8. Maybe… We’ll get lucky and Melania will take care of the business of getting rid of him, by poisoning his food. She never wanted to be the first lady in the first place. She thought she as just gonna marry the rich pumpkin head, and give him a child, and sit like a princess atop Manhattan. Damn, she doesn’t even want to hold the bastards hand. AND WE THE PEOPLE are supposed to feel love for our own president.
    In response to the comment, you gave to Tasegian1957. I was homeless not even a full 8 months ago and was collecting money from the state. A whopping $300 a month. That was food, necessities, and my phone. Not a hell of a lot to spread out.
    I worked my tail off to break out of the system because I never wanted to be considered a low life. There is a lot of deal of people in this country that never asked to be poor. Some fell into Poor by idiots that have driven this country down a steep mountain at a rapid pace. Most of the poor people out there fighting to survive every day, especially for their families.
    There is a difference between being POOR by choice and abusing the system and those who are struggling day to day to keep food on the table and not end up living in their cars. Big Difference.

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    1. Life accidents happen and they don’t happen only to “lowlifes” or bad people They happened to us. They have happened to many others. Many of us live on the edge of our salaries and loss of a job, illness … a couple of bad things and you are down and OUT. Not everyone has family to pick them back up, either. Good for you, digging yourself out of it. I don’t know that I could have done it.

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  9. It does not matter what side of the aisle you are on, it takes many millions to run for office and you are beholden to many donors. This is why there are few new faces. If I had an extra 50 million, I would run. The “new” Democrats here to run for governor next time are Chris Kennedy, son of Robert F., and J B Pritzker of one of the wealthiest families in Illinois. They will run against our billionaire Republican governor.

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    1. It’s one of the reasons we badly need to reform how elections are managed. The endlessness — no other country has elections that run for YEARS. There need to be limits on time and money. And until we do that, we will never get anything truly fixed. It doesn’t matter who is in office. The elections need massive overhauling. I don’t know who is going to do it.

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    1. Well, we have been — within limits — a reasonably free country. There’s free and then there’s a lot less free and while we can argue about the past, I think we can agree that where we are going, is LESS free is a very ugly way.

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  10. The country was never a democracy and was never meant to be. That said, we use the democratic process to run our republic. I believe that more people than ever are invested in communicating with their representatives and I think that’s positive. The best case scenario is for Fat Orange Head to have a massive coronary. Then there will be no “glamor” (not that I see it that way) at the head of government. There will just be a bunch of smarmy weasels stealing from the poor.

    Meanwhile, the dems need to up their game. They need to see HOW they appear to many of their possible voters. I cringe every time I see Elizabeth Warren even though I like what she says. When she came out and endorsed Clinton, I couldn’t respect her any more, even though I understood WHY she did that. I feel the same way about some of the other women in Congress. I don’t know why. I believe it’s a visceral, culturally conditioned response that I very likely share with a lot of other voters. I think that matters.

    Since the Kennedy/Nixon debates, those thugs in DC have been playing to an audience (Trump is the top of that shit heap) and the Dems, above all, need to find a way to appeal to a larger audience. Not all non-Republicans are exactly liberals. I think a LOT of those guys votes for neither Trump nor Clinton. I voted for Clinton. I got the ballot, I cringed as I filled it in. I immediately drove to the county seat and put it in the ballot box. I did not want to THINK about it because I knew it was the only choice I had and it didn’t matter if I liked the choice or not. A protest vote in the last election was (IMO) unconscionable.

    The Dems must confront the reality that for most Americans socialism = Stalinesque Totalitarianism. They think this even though they might not even KNOW what Stalin actually DID. They don’t examine their belief or look around at other countries’ economic systems. They don’t even KNOW that socialism is an economic system not a political system. I can’t even get frustrated by that any more.

    The city/country divide is also absurd. Considering that $9 of every $10 paid in taxes by people in CA goes to OTHER STATES for their social programs should mean that country people should be grateful to the people in CA, but that’s not how it is at all. I dunno. I despair of anything except that winter is coming, there will be snow, my dog and I will be happy, I got X-Country skis and maybe I won’t end up needing hip surgery. 😦


    1. Yeah, well, on our base line is a huge amount of stupidity and a deep and abiding lack of education. No history, no economics, not even basic logic. I think the blindly ignorant bunch are probably beyond our abilities to reach. But the REST of the people — the ones who can still think and maybe remember what they learned and maybe even read a book — they can be reached, I believe. The people who aren’t wedded to Republicanism like cult members were to Jim Jones.

      We are not a “democracy” in the sense that one vote, one person on every election, but democratic in the sense of not autocratic (theoretically) or tyrannical (theoretically). What we really are is open to debate. I know what we are supposed to be, which is mostly democratic except for the Presidency which runs on different lines. I even know why they did it that way … but they didn’t see down this road. Who did? I didn’t see down this road even 25 years ago.

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      1. We are a republic and I understand why, but in my state and district that means each senator’s vote cancels the others and the House “member” is. Trump puppet.

        The democracy only comes into play in elections when we vote for these guys and that’s why, to me, off year elections matter a lot but again lots of people don’t understand the system and think only the years a pres is elected are important.

        But I think more people are alert now than have been in recent years. As you said the Dems have to get their act together

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        1. If nothing else comes of our present catastrophe, a lot of people have learned that voting DOES matter after all and in ways they never imagined. I hope they remember long enough to actually get out there and vote. Really.


  11. We voted it seems for the lesser of 2 evils,but I think one is as bad as the other full of themselves,and want to be King,it would be nice if we could get good patriotic people in our White House and in Congress,Senate and all gov’mt branches,Now we really do need to drain the dam swamp,all that is in there are,Greedy ass geriatrics that have been there way to long,we will never see term limits in the gov’mt,and it will only get worse you know it as we all do,our messed up gov’mt is useless at best,unless you got your hand out,then you need them and that is what they want,I pray to see a better America,


    1. We all hope for a better America. This is not what I spent my life working for. It is awful and there are some fundamental fixes that need to be made. If we don’t, it will just remain various levels of awful, though right now is the worst in my 71 years of life.


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