We have had a series of hazy nights. While everyone else was getting glorious sharp pictures of the super  moon, I got an enchanted, hazy moon that peeked at me from between the branches of an oak tree.

It was bright, but it was not clear. And yet … I rather like it. It was a very sensual moon in a soft, dark sky.


  1. I feel like i’m getting more and more hazy and blurry than clear and sharp these days… not that there’s anything wrong with that! 😉 well… not all that much wrong with that! 🙂

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    • It’s lovely. Not what I was trying to shoot, but lovely anyhow. I tried three nights running to get the full moon, but two nights, it was so hazy, there wasn’t any to shoot — and this one, that was as good as it got. Funny, because it was clear all day.

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