Ani’s Advent Invitation: Marilyn Armstrong – A trying time for dogs

Help save Ani from the red antlers of awfulness! Puleeze!

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

I had a nice letter from some friends. They got their two-legs, who is friends with my two-legs, to send some of her festive photographs over… just in the interests of canine solidarity.

They wrote:

It is a trying time for dogs … sometimes even for human people. But on the whole, no one tries to make us wear red antlers, though you’d be surprised how many two-leggeds volunteer to wear big red suits and long white beards. I’ve never understood it, myself, but I’ve never looked my best in a long white beard

Have a wonderful holiday season. Have your two-legged read you the book. I’ve sent you a picture. I’m sure she knows the story!

Love from all of us,

Bonnie and Gibbs and The Duke

I have to agree… I try all the time at Christmas, but I don’t always manage to snaffle the turkey. And a…

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