The first night of the moon, it was so overcast you couldn’t even see whether or not there was a moon. Today, it was clear as a glass all day, but by the time night had truly fallen, it was misty. Not as opaque as the night before. I could see the moon through the cloud cover, but it was soft and hazy, without edges … a bright blur on a misty night.


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  1. So agree with swo8 above. I also thought it was a stained glass. Gorgeous!


  2. Love the look of the third one!


  3. The second photo almost looks like a stained glass window, simply gorgeous Marilyn.

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  4. It was certainly a shiny moon. We were living in low clouds and mist when it arrived.

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    • I got these on the second day, when the moon was starting to wane. The first night, it was so overcast, you couldn’t tell if there was a moon. And it was good I took these. The next night, it was raining.

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