I had a very short legal career. I practiced for three and a half years in two small, general practice firms in New York City.

The first firm I worked for was most memorable for its dissolution. The firm did some criminal law cases. So it was even more shocking to discover that one of the partners was being indicted. And not just for your run of the mill tax fraud or other dry, boring crime. He was indicted for aiding and abetting a child pornography ring!

The partner considered himself a wheeler-dealer. So he put two acquaintances together who he thought could do business. And they did. The business was child pornography! I was never clear about how much the partner knew about the illegal and grossly immoral activities. It was a devastating way to end a legal partnership. And of course I lost my job.

Me and my then husband when I was practicing law in NYC

I found another job, coincidentally in the same office building. What are the odds with all the offices in New York City? And it was the perfect location for my commute. It was right above Grand Central Terminal. So the subway to the office literally dropped me off next to my building.

My second law firm was also a small, general practice firm. We did a little bit of everything. Some Trusts and Estates, Corporate, Tax , etc. I had two memorable cases there, one in Criminal Law and one in Matrimonial Law.

My job in the criminal case was to deliver bail money from our client to the judge at the courthouse. It was cash in a brown paper bag. I’m not kidding! I had always thought that that was an urban legend. Apparently not. I actually handed a brown bag of cash to a judge and went home. Our client, skipped bail, as we had expected.

My second memorable case was a custody battle between two exes. Every other week I had to write motions accusing the ex husband of breaching the terms of the visitation agreement. For the family poodle. The complaints involved giving the dog too many treats and returning the dog to the ex wife in a hyper state, unable to go to sleep at night. I think I actually won a few of those motions.

It sounds trivial, but the level of emotional distress for my client was off the charts. I had to spend time on the phone with her calming her down and holding her hand. We laughed about the case at the office, but the couple were jerking each other around using the poor dog as a weapon. It was very uncomfortable to be in the middle of this battle.

So now you know the highlights of my legal career. Maybe you can understand why I haven’t missed it for 35 years!


    1. I agree! I had long talks with our client about the psychological state of the dog. The people were too obsessed with hating each other to really have much awareness or empathy for the dog. They were just using the dog to get at each other. It was really sad. Thank God they didn’t have kids!

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  1. On the surface it seems funny but I can see how the poor dog would have been jerked around. Why on earth do people have to be so nasty?


    1. The dog really did start to get seriously neurotic. It’s confusing for a dog to be shuttled back and forth between two homes and two owners. The dog must have been the best way the couple had to push each others’ buttons. They had no kids and they had resolved their financial issues. Maybe it was their way to stay connected. Who knows?

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  2. The people with the dog really needed to get a life, I can only imagine how you must have felt having to deal with the woman involved. You must have had a hard time biting your lip, I know I would have!


    1. I actually tried to talk her out of her crazy behavior. I tried to get her to see she was making the situation worse. But she was determined to make her ex as miserable as possible in any way she could. I think the lawsuit really did get to him, so I guess she succeeded.

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