At least, we think it is his first. All the dogs really love the first snow or two, especially if they aren’t very deep. When we get really heavy blizzards, we have to dig channels for them in the snow because Scottish Terriers have short legs. Duke will probably take wing and fly across the snow.

After they got through with the frenzy of greeting us, they have mostly been outside and bringing piles of snow into the house. They are so happy about it too. We get towels, dry them off … and they say “Thanks, guys,” and they are back out the doggy door in a flash.

40 thoughts on “DUKE’S FIRST SNOW

    • When Bishop was with us, he used to plow through the snow so the smaller dogs would have room to move. Without Bishop, it’s up to us. In these winter days, I miss Bishop. He really loved the snow. He would happily sleep in a drift and let the small dogs sleep on top of him.


  1. On this date one year ago, we had our first snowfall, huge in fact. We’re not cold enough for snow yet….yet being the operative word. I started life on this planet on the prairies where it was 40 below 0 so you couldn’t stay out long or your lung would freeze. Then we moved to the Okanagan where we had 120 F weather in summer and 4 to 5 ft. of snow all winter. On the North Island, there is little snow, 2 years we had snow in 30 and they were 2ft and drifts of 5 to 6 feet covering cars. Otherwise, it was sideways rain (like in horror movies, running down the windows like a hose was turned on them) Here, we’re back to seasons and the novelty of having snow hasn’t worn off although, I personally don’t have to shovel it or move it or take care of it. Which sadly puts me in the “cat” category where I stare out longingly at the falling snow when it happens and enjoy the silence of snow covered world but longing to roll around and play in it with the abandonment of your pooch.

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  2. Huny is anti-snow. She’s a chihuahua and I think there’s a gene in that dog breed that says white cold water on one’s person is unladylike or something…anyway she does that 1/14 th of a second dash outside and back inside, where she is scolded and herded back outside, because no way did she have time to do anything of substance. She is of your dogs’ school of thought of “you go inside, why can’t I?” She prefers the bathmat in my bathroom to this end, and now I have to keep the door shut. Particularly with the weensy bit of snow we did get. For Huny, it’s still too much. Duke is indeed an adventurer, is he not?


    • They are fine in light or medium snow, but will NOT go out in the rain unless beaten with a stick. They hate rain. The heavier the rain, the more they won’t go out. They do the same thing as your kid — and they are not chihuahuas. They run outside, count to 5, run back in. We have to actually lock them out for a few minutes. And we have to get up early to fight with them about going out, too. Bonnie is particularly bad. Otherwise a little bit of snow is fun, but a LOT of snow, not so much.


    • And who can blame him? Apparently there will be two more snowy days coming up really soon. I haven’t gotten the driveway cleared from the first snow yet and with two more on top of it, the driveway will be useless until spring, unless we get a serious thaw. Oh sigh. I wish we had cleared the drive. This is going to be a major pain in the butt.


    • Bob, we watched an Aussie Christmas story last night, “Brokenwood Murder Mysteries”. Santa Claus aka the town Mayor and his aide got bumped off to set the tone. Ho! Ho! Ho! Yes, it was warm in the village as they solved the Santa murder caper. Ho! Ho! Ho!

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      • You think it was warm in the village?? Try wearing a Santa Suit with padding and beard when it’s in the 90’s! šŸ˜‰ Ho Ho Phew!

        I’ve seen some ad’s for Brokenwood but have not caught an episode yet – did you enjoy it? Is it worth a view?

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          • I was raised in the UK so I know what you mean! šŸ˜‰

            ‘Real’ Australian is called ‘strine’ ( the ‘i’ is elongated). It’s the phonetic version of ‘Australian’ in the local dialect – true! šŸ™‚

            I’ll have to check Brokenwood out and maybe send you a transcript suitably translated. I’m Tri-lingual you know?

            I speak English, Australian AND American. šŸ™‚

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    • Cats don’t generally like weather, although tigers swim and I’ve had a few cats who loved water (really, no kidding). The dogs love these light snows. They generally don’t like the heavy snows, probably because they are too small to push through them. But these are fun. They run around and roll in it, come in covered with snow and grinning.

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