Legendarily speaking, I’m a nonstop blogger who always has something to say. This is a great idea and flattering, too … but this is one of those days when it isn’t working out. And this is going to be just one of a whole bunch of such days coming right up to a theater near you.

Today we are taking Gibbs for a full winter cleanup. We also need to hit CVS for prescriptions and I need wrapping paper. And then, there are a few groceries. Owen is bringing over the new replacement vacuum cleaner because the lightweight one seems to have bitten the big one. Yes, I know, cheap is cheap and when you spend a little, you don’t get much, but the lightweight machines tend to be inexpensive and they don’t last a really long time. Like a year or two and then they pack it in. This one bit it.

Our bigger machine is too heavy for me, but I need something light that will move dirt. It’s a hard combo to get. We used to have an expensive machine to do that, but it was forever breaking down and mostly, it was more broken than not. Now, it is now abandoned, somewhere in the basement. Bye bye Oreck.

This January, it’s (again) my time to be a judge for the Audie awards. I do this every year. I no longer do the first round where I have hundreds of hours of reading. I do only the finals where I have a manageable number of books. But it is coming beginning of January and it will eat the month. This is not something I can dodge and to be honest, I don’t want to dodge it. I enjoy it. It’s fun. Reading a lot of new books is nothing to scoff at.

It does mean I won’t be doing a lot of writing. I won’t do nothing, but daily? Probably not.

In other news, many people I have enjoyed and with whom I’ve become friends are sliding out of blogging. Some are just tired. Others are angry and frustrated with the political mess and can’t find the energy keep going. I understand, but it hurts. People I lose from blogging aren’t just virtual contacts.

They are friends and I care. I hope they feel the same way. All I ask is if you are leaving, please don’t go without at least a good-bye — and maybe your email address?Also, I think this is exactly when our voices are most important.

I’m not dropping out, but I have stuff to do. Right now, with the awfulness of our political system in a tailspin, this is when those of us who have a voice and a platform — and have something worth saying — should be saying it. We need to speak up and keep speaking up. Maybe we aren’t going to change a lot of minds, but who knows? The internet is a funny place. You never know how much of an impact you are having on your world. Every once in a while I discover I’ve made someone think about something differently, see an old concept in a new light and I feel proud. Maybe it’s a small thing, but it feels good.

Meanwhile, for at least the next month, until I’m done reading for the Audies, I’m a bit busy. In case you don’t know what the Audies are, they’re the awards for Audiobooks. This means that unlike words-on-pages books, you can’t “read faster.” Audio unfolds at its own speed, so if a book is 32 hours long, that’s it. In theory, you can speed it up, but listening to an audiobook at 1.5 times normal speaking rate is downright weird. Makes your brain do flip-flops.

I really love blogging but this legend has be less legendary because I can’t fit 34 hours of work into a 24 hour day and it isn’t because I have not tried. It simply doesn’t work.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.

24 thoughts on “LEGEND OF A BLOGGER”

  1. Well, I’m not going anywhere anytime soon. I just found you lot and your divine and I love you and enjoy you, “Ms Legend”. smirk smirk. You and Garry too, have become mainstays of my day. I wake eager to get to reader and find out what the topic of the day is. So, I shall be patient and await your return, quite eagerly I might add. Hopefully you’ll have time to drop by if not daily, every once in awhile, either way I shall look for you. You have become very dear to me. so! There it is, bold bright and true. xoxo


    1. I’ll be by when I can, probably in the evening. I only watch TV with one eye anyway, so that’s when i try to cruise and see what I can see. But the days are going to be a bit booked. I’ve managed to deal with this before, but I seem to be slowing down.

      Gibbs got groomed and looks SO LOVERLY!


  2. I get you. I enjoy blogging and really look forward to my afternoon me time to blog, but my problem is that I don’t know what to blog about and I do depend a little on the prompts, but sometimes when I see the word I have to look it up in the dictionary to know what to talk about. My problem is lost in two languages which I know quite well, but no longer perfectly. We will blog to the bitter end, although I know there are often obstacles in the way. Sometimes I think I have more work than in my working days. On the other hand I am a little proud to know that I can still do it. Having MS you never know what will hit you next, but as long as I can write then I still have a functioning brain, even if everything else is not functioning well. I have never had an audio book up to now, but love reading. Stay where you are Marilyn and so will I.


    1. Writing also keeps our brains sharp. Just sitting around, you mind starts to slip and I’m not just saying that. Sitting at the computer and focusing on a subject, ANY subject and writing about it keeps you from falling into that slump that so many retired people seem to fall into. I’m having a good week, by the way. I actually walked a couple of blocks and did NOT fall over. OK, I fell over yesterday, but it was the living room and there’s a rug, but I haven’t fallen outside recently. It’s like the feet just tangle up and I go down.

      I know a LOT of people with MS. Like maybe a dozen? I don’t know if it’s getting more common or maybe we are just living longer … but a LOT of people.

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  3. I imagine listening to an audio book at high speed would be like listening to The Chipmunks. Not at all relaxing. Have fun with your readathon. I think blogging is going to get a bit crazy for me early next year as I’m close to putting my house on the market and still have no idea where we will end up but I will blog on through if only to document the mayhem of moving.


    1. Listening fast would certainly mute the pleasure factor in listening. Not exactly chipmunk, but odd. I can’t even imagine trying to move. I get a migraine even thinking about it. They will have to bury me right here.


  4. I just saw this post. Are those pics the actual titles you are judging? If so, I ‘m pretty sure they don’t want you to do that. It was in one of the emails I got from them. T

    Sent from my iPad



    1. Nah. I haven’t even GOTTEN my books yet. I don’t think they’re sending them until January, second week maybe? And those are old books. All of them at least six, seven years old.


    1. I will, as I do every year, find time where I can. The problem is mostly in having less time to view everyone else’s work. I’m subscribed to more than 60 blogs and I never get to all of them, not even on my best day … but I try to touch base with everyone at least every few days. I know how annoying it is to have people who are NEVER are in touch. It’s not supposed to bother you, but after a while, it does. And the long pieces are going to have to wait awhile. Short pieces I can knock off in an hour in the morning, but involved longer things are probably going to wait until I’ve got a bit more time.

      I’m afraid everyone is going to disappear if I’m not there. That’s weird, I know, but the internet is a slippery place.


  5. Enjoy your break. I will be taking some time off this month because I simply won’t have time. BTW, I would keep coming here even if you never came to mine because I like reading your posts. 🙂


    1. Thank you for that. I try to at least pay attention to everyone, but sometimes, I just run out of time. Writing eats a lot of time and I haven’t had nearly enough time to write in months. I’m sure I won’t have enough time until maybe February, but hopefully after that, I can restructure my time.

      I like being fair and I know how annoying it is to never hear from people with whom you are in touch, but I’ve got so many blogs I’m trying to follow, I get lost.

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  6. Great post! I could enjoy doing something like the Audie awards because I love to read so much! As a blogger not going anywhere no time soon, its great that you ask that of others to let you know! Have a great day or night!


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