WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: ASCEND

Up and away, the little two-person antique flying machine went. From the leafy green lawn in front of the hangar, into the skies and then it was gone into the clouds.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.


      1. I am quite safe still — unless another fire should break out closer to here. I’m about 150 miles away, and the fire is burning in the other direction. I’m not sure that I’ll be able to go to Santa Barbara for Christmas — that would be a real bummer if I can’t, after 6 months of being grounded! The Thomas fire is still burning, and moving towards Santa Barbara, but the winds have been quieter for the last couple of days. They are expecting serious winds overnight on Friday night — the type that could take out part of Santa Barbara!. On the other hand, the fire is about to burn into an area that was ravaged by fire within the last couple of years — that will slow it down and change the nature of the burn — two year old grasses burn very differently than shrubs that are 60 years old! I need to re=read George Steward’s FIRE!


        1. Stewart really got the nature of natural disaster. Pity his books have rarely been made into viewable movies, though the Disney version of the fire isn’t bad — just unavailable.

          I’m so glad you are alright. I have learned not to assume a problem has gone away just because it isn’t on the news cycle. The Moore non-election really took over the airwaves. No more room for fire … but I bet they will get back to it this week.

          It does sound like Santa Barbara isn’t you best choice for the holidays, though maybe there will be a miracle yet. We can hope. If they can elect a democrat in Alabama, ANYTHING is possible.

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          1. Even in Los Angeles, the fire has taken a back seat — it’s now Santa Barbara’s problem, and dominates the news there! They are really working hard to stop the fire, with hand crews and helicopters and old fire lines, but also with major burn-out backfiring if necessary. This weekend should tell the story.


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