There is no shortage of silence here, real, true, country silence, especially in winter.

Not long ago we were rambling down this road in the Rio Grande Wildlife area, a road that is accessed only on foot, horseback or bicycle except for BLM and Fish and Wildlife who manage the slough. It’s nice to have a wide trail for the sake of visibility and the composition of photos. 😉

We’d been there a month before, at the end of summer. Throughout the two moments, the Sandhill Cranes were passing through on their way to Bosque del Apache in New Mexico. In the silence of late October, their calls were everywhere. For me it’s part of the magical silence of the San Luis Valley.

Other bird sounds frame the winter silence. Right now it is the sudden flight of ducks, startled by the sound/sensation of my cane hitting the ground. They rise up by the dozens, flapping and calling. There are magpies and another small bird I don’t know, who chirrups and dives over the water.

And wind. Very often, the only sound is wind.

Otherwise, silence.

via Silence is Relative…

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.


  1. There is definitely not silence where I live (especially 500 feet from a railway line)… but I do have flocks of birds making.,…. well, awful racket. Nasty black starlings by the hundreds like to swoop down and take over the neighborhood for periods of up to half an hour every late Fall. They are so noisy, they’ve woken me up before… and my room tends to be pretty soundproof. It looks like a Hitchcock scene outside when they invade, too…


    1. When I lived in Jerusalem, we had a flock of starlings — which aren’t native to the area. Brought in by the English. Anyway, there were millions of them and wherever they decided to stop, it was not only noisy, but WHAT A MESS they made. I parked underneath them once, not realizing why there was an available parking space in front of the hospital. When I came out, I got it. They finally chased them out of the city into the nearby park. They were really obnoxious.


        1. About 2 of those acres are ours, but they connect with another 40 acres that belongs to the town which is just woods. The ground is uneven and rocky. You can’t even take an ATV in there. There are other areas easier to navigate, but we live in rough terrain. I don’t even think anyone can build on it.


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