This entire year has gone so fast, it’s truly a blur. I remember being a kid and years lasted a very long time. The interval between Kindergarten and high school was an eternity.

I remember being 13 and realizing in just three years, the World’s Fair would be in New York. I’d be old enough to visit on my own. On a date, maybe. Which I did. Me and my friend Alex. He wasn’t a serious date, just a college pal. We went exploring, discovering the thrill of Belgian waffles and the world’s fastest carousel from France. Alex was Swiss. He used to tell me about all things European, which was very exciting when I was 16 and couldn’t imagine that in 13 more years, I would be living overseas.

I recall looking at a calendar. Realizing Haley’s Comet would be “in town” on my 39th birthday … and thinking “Wow, I’ll be really OLD by then.” It came. I saw. I wrote an article about it which was the only thing I wrote that was published in the Jerusalem Post.

Time seems to go faster with each passing year. I don’t know why it seems that way. It is as if childhood lasts most of a lifetime, then the rest of your life takes two more years.

And now, it’s December 2017 and I’m 70, turning 71 in just a few months. Phew. I would like 2018 to go just a wee bit slower, if that is okay with whatever eternal clock is managing time.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.

13 thoughts on “IT’S ALMOST CHRISTMAS”

  1. i know just what you mean. I recall thinking when I was younger that I’d be 42 when New Year 2000 came around. I don’t know which was harder to imagine, a new century or me being in my forties. Now at 60 that is far behind me. How did that happen?

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      1. Great take on the subject. It’s like a year from one of those 40’s Universal horror flicks but all the demons are real. What happened to those happy, smiling kids?


        1. They grew up and they all want “gift cards” instead of gifts because it isn’t about the excitement of finding “the right gift.” It’s about them getting what they want and has nothing to do with you at all.

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  2. Time speeds up as you get older. At this time of the year I also reflect more on my „English“ days, the family, the old home and the atmosphere. I was once a teenager listening to pop music, going dancing and following fashion with its high heels and tight short skirts and now I live in trousers and a wide top to hide the lumps and bumps of an aging body


    1. I wore really high heels for years until my feet refused. I loved heels. I remember feeling attractive. I don’t feel attractive anymore. I feel like lump. And just to make it even funnier, I look in the mirror and my mother looks back. What HAPPENED?

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  3. I knew time sped up, it was a given, every year. I humbly admit I never expected the grand parenting years to speed by quicker than raising my kids. But it has and it does, speed by. Zipping, flying, mach 3! Who knew?!


  4. Wonderful photos and memories, Marilyn! I just turned 70 last month and can still remember the thrill of going to The World’s Fair in New York when I was 16. The years fly by like a whirlwind and the memories linger on…and we’re still around to make more. ❤ Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!


  5. LOVE this gallery of photos! Yep, time goes by slow and boring sometimes when we are little. Memories seem to be from yesterday, however, when we enter the autumn of our lives.


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