We have very alert dogs. I know this because they bark.

They bark at cars passing by and even more at a car or truck in the driveway. They bark when someone comes to deliver a package. They get downright frenzied when someone comes into the house. Gibbs goes totally nuts if that someone happens to be my son, with whom he has developed a passionate bond. Duke feels that way about our granddaughter. Bonnie saves all that passion for Garry and occasionally, for me.

This week, they seem to be spending much of their time perched atop the sofa, watching out the window. I think they are watching for one little sleigh, a red-coated elf with a long white beard … and who knows what kind of goodies?

Meanwhile, I’m trying to figure out whether or not there’s any point in wrapping their gifts since I’d have to unwrap them so they’d know what they are.

Maybe I’ll just go with a ribbon?

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.

31 thoughts on “DOGS WATCHING FOR SANTA?”

  1. It’s easy to see who ( thinks he) is top dog in the household!

    Love the first pic of The Duke and Gibbs (?) conspiring. ( “You distract him and i’ll grab his sack!”) πŸ™‚

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    1. Yes, Duke makes his “top dog” position pretty clear. I find it annoying, but I also understand that this is something the dogs need to work out between them and nothing I do will change it. Bonnie IS top dog and no matter what Duke does, she isn’t likely to change. She doesn’t have to do anything to prove it, either. She just IS the top.

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  2. I confess I wrapped all the pet presents although I did use paper left over from wrapping other stuff. Cindy’s present is a new tennis ball chucker, not the easiest shape to wrap but if she could see it under the tree she’d probably want it now.

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      1. Well they will have fun and if he will clear it up it’s a win for everyone. The dogs get to tear paper, Garry gets to watch them do it and you both get funny photos.


    1. I looked at them. Garry wanted one and all I could think was TOTAL CHAOS as Duke charged trying to get that ball. I said “no thank you,” but I looked up the prices (expensive!), just in case I change my mind.


      1. The thing I bought is just a cup with a long handle to make ball throws longer and harder. It’s just a cheap thing from a dollar store type place but Cindy doesn’t know that. It is to replace one she already has which is cracked and that I hope won’t break before Christmas but if it did I’d just get out the new one . Cindy is a dog who would be happy with new tennis ball for Christmas. I have a lousy throwing arm so it helps me too.


      1. Not just mine, my sister’s two dogs and two cats and my friend’s service dog also get presents every year. Cheap ones but the nice thing about pets is they don’t ask for the latest expensive gadget. A ball or a packet of treats and they are good to go. My sister does the same so half the presents we’ll be unwrapping Monday will be theirs.

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  3. I barely care about Christmas myself, and certainly don’t buy anything for the cats. And if I did, I’d never take the impractical step of wrapping them. But including pets in the holiday giving traditions is something people do for their own benefit… so I say they should do whatever pleases them. Dogs in particular might enjoy the wrapping paper more than they do what’s inside of it…

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    1. I buy tried and true toys for them. By this I mean the ones that haven’t been totally destroyed earlier. They actually NEED new ones having gutted the rest. Better toys than the coffee table! And the dogs really appreciate the gifts, which is more than I can say for most people.


  4. I have presents for Parker but they are unwrapped and hidden in my closet. I know if I put them in her stocking, she would smell the catnip and that would be the end of Christmas….

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