I have not a single thought to go with proclivity as a prompt. I know what it means. Definition isn’t the issue. It’s just that my head is empty. Nothing pops up. Not a memory from way back when — or a line from a movie — or the title of a song.




Sometimes, the magic works. Sometimes, it doesn’t. Maybe next time?

I think the household is going through post-holiday burnout while we wait for a plow to dig us out. If we get dug out, I can call the oil truck. Right now, it’s all about waiting, while the dogs are sound asleep.

That’s probably what I should be doing, if I think about it.


Chanukah ended a couple of days ago, but our personal “miracle of the lights” happened at just about three this afternoon.

About a month ago, I turned on my hair dryer while the microwave was working. My kitchen is three rooms away from the small bathroom, all the way at the other end of the house, so how my hair dryer could have anything to do with the wiring in the kitchen, I don’t know.

I started drying my hair and the lights went out. I went into the hallway, where the lights were working (no idea what circuit they are on) — really, I don’t really know much about what is on any circuit because whoever wired our house was taking drugs. I went into the kitchen and everything was out. Down to the basement, I flipped the circuit back on. No problem, the microwave began working. Unfortunately, I forgot to turn off the dryer, so the lights blew a second time. I went back to the basement, flipped the circuit again … and …

I had turned off the hair dryer, so all was well in the kitchen. A little while later, I went into the other bathroom and turned on the lights. The ceiling fixture went on. The fan went on. But. The lights over the sink did not go on.

I changed the bulbs. Still no light.

The fixture was old and more than a little loosey goosey, so I figure “Okay, the fixture died.” I mentioned to Owen that the big bathroom was pretty dark without lights over the sink and he said I should order a lamp and he would install it.

I did that. Ordered a modest little two bulb lamp to replace the two bulb lamp that had been there before and the next time Owen came by, he installed it. I turned the switch on. No light.

Owen turned the switch on. Still no light. We stood there, looking at the lamp and the switch.

“The switch is probably burned out,” said Owen. “I’ll have to bring my voltage meter over to check it.” It turned out, he couldn’t find his voltage meter. He’d had the meter for a dozen years at least and suddenly, it was gone. No idea where it went or why it left home without him. Voltage meters usually stay put. Finally, I bought him a new meter as I was the only electrical issue on his agenda. It got here a few days ago and he hadn’t had a chance to use it yet because Christmas and all that, so the new meter is still in its wrapping on top of the refrigerator and the new fixture is installed, but waiting to be made to work — but not working.

Every day, I turn the switch on, just — you know — to sort of check. Because who knows, right?

Today, I turned the switch to “ON” and … there was light. I got all excited and ran out to the living room where Garry was watching the Patriots beat Buffalo (again).

“You’ve got to see this! It’s a MIRACLE!”

He dutifully got up and came to the bathroom where the lights were bright and shining. “I thought it didn’t work,” he said.

“It didn’t work yesterday or any of the days since was installed. Today, I turned the switch … and THERE ARE LIGHTS IN THE BATHROOM. It’s a miracle. The miracle of the lights!” I quickly took a shower before the lights changed their minds and went out again. When I got dressed and came back down the hall, I turned the lights on … and they still lit up. Wow.

I’ve turn the lights on and off three, maybe four times. Each time, they have … lit.

Christmas Eve. The Miracle of the Lights.

Why didn’t the lamp work for the past three weeks? Why didn’t it work in the first place?

I took pictures just to prove it’s true. The glass covers aren’t on the lamps yet because I’m still afraid they will decide to stop working again. In this house, who knows? But for now, we have had our very own miracle and there is light in the bathroom!



A lot of us have a lot of things upon which we can reflect. Many of them are at the very least, unpleasant and many verge on Perfectly Awful and Deeply Depressing. I thought it was time to skip morbid and just run with beautiful, so this is a collection by Garry and I of our favorite reflections for this year.

Here’s hoping for a better year to come. May we all have a peaceful holiday or at least, a peaceful slide from darkest, longest nights of winter to the lengthening days of Spring to come.


It’s can’t be almost winter without hysterical predictions of apocalyptic weather on the nightly news. As a rule, these predictions amount to either nothing or at most, a dusting. The ones they do not predict, when they say “one to three” inches, watch out. Because a blizzard is about to bury you to your chin …

Welcome to “that time of year” in New England!