I have not a single thought to go with proclivity as a prompt. I know what it means. Definition isn’t the issue. It’s just that my head is empty. Nothing pops up. Not a memory from way back when — or a line from a movie — or the title of a song.




Sometimes, the magic works. Sometimes, it doesn’t. Maybe next time?

I think the household is going through post-holiday burnout while we wait for a plow to dig us out. If we get dug out, I can call the oil truck. Right now, it’s all about waiting, while the dogs are sound asleep.

That’s probably what I should be doing, if I think about it.

24 thoughts on “PROCLIVITY?

  1. My english vocabulary gets more limited the longer I live in Switzerland and this word never got to me at all, I did not have a clue what I was talking about. Every day I wait for the word of the day and every day I just start writing hoping that something might happen. If I didn’t write the prompt I would not have a clue what to write about.

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    • Well, proclivity didn’t do much to rock my mental world. It just means “a tendency to … ” and right now, my tendency is to do absolutely NOTHING. Some of their word choices are a bit weird. There are so many words in the language, why “proclivity”?

      When I lived in Israel, many of the “old timer” Americans and Brits had lost a lot of their English. It happens. Even when they spoke English, they mixed a lot of Hebrew in with their comments. Even I did that because everyone understood it. We used to call the language “Ivleet” which is a mix of Hebrew and English. Even the American and Israeli kids mixed the languages — and they spoke it so fast, you couldn’t tell WHAT language they were speaking.

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