The question was: “Would you, if your day-to-day responsibilities were taken care of and you could throw yourself completely behind a cause, what would it be?”

The answer is … I wouldn’t. In the immortal words of Phil Ochs, “I ain’t marchin’ anymore.”

I marched against war and for peace.

I marched for civil rights.

I campaigned for universal health care and free care for anyone who needs it.

I marched against evil and for justice for my entire adult life and though the world has fallen into a terrible place, I’ve served my time and done my job. I’m tired. It’s time for the younger generations — those with stronger backs — to do the marching.

The worst part of this time is I’m not sure, after all the marching, if I accomplished anything other than making denim a fashion fabric. I think I’ve probably accomplished more blogging than I did by marching. There’s an irony in there and maybe I’ll find it. Eventually.

Photo: NY Times

I have discovered that the world spins on its axis and night follows day, whether or not I march. I do the best I can with the means at my disposal … which means I have a platform and I write. Every now and then, I dig a little money out of the emptiness of our “family wealth” and give $5 or $10 to someone who is fighting for a better world.

If you are going out there to do battle, fight the good fight. Know my best wishes and hopes go with you. Also, take sandwiches, something to drink, and wear your most comfortable shoes.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.

11 thoughts on “BLOGGER AND A CAUSE”

  1. It was all „ban the bomb“ in my teenage years with an annual march to Aldermaston, in Englsnd. I never went and the bomb still exists. With our direct democracy in Switzerland and referendum voting every 2-3 months, there isn’t much point in marching, it’s all done by vote


      1. I think you have accomplished more by your writing than you may realize. I also think the pen is mightier than the sword. I also think that the marches you participated in were worthy and made the powers that be think.


  2. These days I think there is probably more campaigning on social media than actual marching although you can’t fake a crowd although a certain president seems to think you can. I have to be honest and say that I don’t know if I would throw myself totally behind a cause even if I had the means and opportunity but at least we can speak out when we see something we know is wrong and perhaps motivate the young ones, if anything can motivate them.
    I think that in the twentieth century many things were achieved in the way of fair wages and better treatment of employees but in the past twenty years I’ve seen much of it whittled away and now we are back to paying people peanuts for more and more work and saying it would be “bad for business” to change anything. With the environment apart from a few small victories I think we completely failed. Here in Tasmania we have a state election early next year and the Liberal (right wing) government is already running ads warning people not to elect Labor in case they form an alliance with the Greens as they did a few years ago. In this state many people speak as if the Greens were the spawn of the Devil. I live in an area where many people were employed by forestry so a lot of them don’t like the Greens. I have to bite my tongue sometimes because some of them are people I like.

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  3. mercifully Im too far removed from any of it, both in time and space, to really want to fire up the March genes. I agree, Im not sure it makes one iota of difference, but one thing masses of people do, is get the attention of people who matter. They are a vast surging wave that you really have to deal with, somehow.

    At the very least, it shows kind of solidarity, like starlings swarming. You know they’re headed somewhere, THEY know they’re headed somewhere, and that’s about it. But it’s visual. And emotionally much more satisfying than sitting at home watching on TV.


  4. If you march today, you have to get through all the red tape, be far away from the area you want to be in, usually fenced or caged in, little media. But then there will be infiltrators or trouble makers on both sides. If they know this ahead of time, you can be sure a camera will be near by. You know, just happened to catch it out of the blue. I don’t even bother. It is a risky business in todays world.

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