We gave them three brand new Kong toys … the only ones worth buying because they are the only ones that last longer than a couple of minutes. Of the three, the one that looked like a little Teddy Bear disappeared entirely within minutes of Bonnie adopting it, but has reappeared several times. I saw it as recently as this morning, but when we came back from the hospital, I saw it on the far side of the front yard near the other gate.

We gave the strange birdlike stuffed creature to The Duke and eventually when Gibbs appeared, gave the Dodo to him.

Sometimes missing toys reappear. Others vanish and are never seen again.

Of the original three, one still looks almost newish. It’s identical to its original, the strangely birdlike creature that all the dogs dearly love. So there are two of them — the old one and the new one.

Then, there’s the blue Dodo. It was brand new. Gibbs grabbed it and took it outside. Later, he brought it back. Covered in ice and snow and mud, it was one of the most disgusting items ever brought in from outside. I washed it with soap and hot water and Garry threw it in the dryer. It sat in lonely isolation on the end table until Duke, frustrated by seeing it but not having it, went rogue and got it on his own. It is out in the snow in the front yard now. Maybe it will come home later.

You certainly couldn’t accuse our dogs of not appreciating their new toys. I wish they wouldn’t drag them out into the mud and ice so fast, but they don’t lack enthusiasm. They sure do love the toys. Looking around, one of the two strange birdlike creatures has gone missing. Again.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.

16 thoughts on “DOGS, TOYS AND A HOLIDAY”

    1. Yes, to death. Though to be fair to the Kong company, they have made them filthy, wet, and utterly disgusting … but they are still pretty much all one piece. Rather remarkable, considering how hard they have tried to destroy them.

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    1. If they wrote their own blogs, I bet they’d have reviews. Maybe they DO have blogs and the haven’t told me. I wouldn’t be surprised to discover they have their own computers too. And paid for it with my credit cards. I bet Duke buys everything on Amazon and intercepts the delivery in the yard before I see the package. Duke is that sneaky.

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  1. The only name in here I can really see is Garry’s. All the rest are about two shades darker than the background…if I hover over the name it lights up, but only then. Is WordPress tinkering again?

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    1. I know and I can’t seem to do anything about it. They used to let me decide how I wanted each heading to be shown, but they don’t let me do it anymore. Customization isn’t as customized as it used to be. And they deleted the last background I used.

      Is this better?

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