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No one should be surprised to hear there was no oil delivery. This is that kind of story. You know, the one where you wait all day for something, but it doesn’t happen? Everyone goes through this, but it never stops being very annoying. Frustrating. Lucky for me, I didn’t wait until we are down to the final few gallons before I requested delivery — so we aren’t going to run out of oil.


According to the company, the truck didn’t come because the driver said it was “too icy.” He said he had called us and we weren’t home. Except, he didn’t call. Maybe he dialed the wrong number, but I was extremely in and breathing heavily while waiting for the phone to ring.

We’ve been working with this same company, same trucks, for 18 years. They have delivered oil to us during much worse weather, when the driveway was significantly more icy. I have to assume they hired a particularly wussy driver. Okay, being fair, we have an awful driveway. It came with the house. If there was one thing I could replace in this house, the driveway would be it.

Nonetheless, the driveway is not bad right now. I can easily walk up and down it and we can drive on it without using 4-wheel drive — with no hint of sliding.

And anyway, there’s no choice. We need oil because we heat with oil.

No oil? No heat.

It has been below zero every night for several days, so this is a bad time to refuse to deliver.

We pay for a delivery service. This means I pay for oil every month, including in the summer when we use very little. We have built up a hefty chunk of money in the company’s accounts to cover routine maintenance, any repairs we might need — and oil. There’s always more than enough money in the account. So I was forced to explain they are going to deliver oil, or we are going to have to find someone else to do it.

It’s not what I want to do, but either they deliver or they return our money so we can find someone who can deliver. There’s no shortage of oil delivery services, but I’d prefer to stay with people we know, as long as the people we know can do the job. If they can’t do it, they aren’t giving us a choice.

I much prefer staying with familiar people, but — what do you do with an oil company who can’t or won’t deliver oil?

I hope we get this sorted out today. I hate when simple stuff gets complicated. There are plenty of real complexities to life. This should not be one.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.


  1. We always lived in rented appartments where it was oil heating, so we didn’t have to organize it ourselves. The tank was usually filled in Summer when oil was half price. Now we have gas floor heating and just hope that the gas supplier (is it Russia) doesn’t turn the tap off.


    1. Yes, I remember apartments, although I lived in one condo where they had to go from apartment to apartment to collect enough money to pay for oil. We had a lot of non-payers, many of whom had rented their places out to people who didn’t like paying condo fees. In the big one where Garry and I lived, it wasn’t a problem because we had electric heat!

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  2. It’s no excuse, but new delivery guys tend to be gunshy of roads, any roads, that seem untended or iffy. We don’t have oil, but we do have the occasional delivery from UPS, and there have been times when a new driver would simply not come up our road, ‘because’. And I can feel that head-banging frustration, big time.


    1. I got that, but I also got that he lied about calling — and this company has been working with us a long time. I expect them to behave better than that. Especially given how much of our money they are holding on to!


  3. This is the time of year when things can go wrong. Our car wouldn’t start on Thursday so we had to borrow a car to do our grocery shopping. We got the battery replaced today. Now our main sewer line has backed up. We had the city come and look at it to see where the problem lies. If it’s on our side of the line we pay – but if it’s on the city side – they pay. Looks like it’s on our side. So that has to be dealt with very soon. I don’t think they would let you run dry of oil. Things will get sorted out eventually.


    1. They delivered. Just as well because it started snowing as the truck arrived and now the driveway IS covered in just enough snow to make it slippery.

      Yes, things can go wrong, but I try hard to minimize them. As summer starts to end, we go into overdrive trying to make sure everything that can be fixed, gets fixed — before the snow flies. We never get it all done, but we sometimes get close.

      We don’t have a sewer line, so it won’t back up. We do have a septic system, but we had that repaired (very expensively) about 4 years ago. Hopefully it will outlive us. We had the well repaired. We replaced the well pump. We replaced the front door. The car is relatively new. We can’t afford to fix the driveway — that’s BIG money and we don’t have it.

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      1. We have a plumber coming today and another one on Tuesday. We’ll get three quotes before we go ahead with what needs to be done.
        Sure glad you got your oil in time. Will that last the winter?


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