This year has felt like two years, at least on a national and political level. Frankly exhausting. If this were a person’s life, I would be counseling them to try to put a lot less drama in their lives. This much angst isn’t good for anyone, much less a country.

But aside from the painful political mess, it has been a pretty good year. No one got sick and despite everything, the house is still standing. We are significantly poorer, but that is the way our cookie crumbled. I can hope the next will be better, but I’m not holding my breath.

We’re going to eat meatloaf, our best “comfort food” and maybe I’ll go wild and also make mashed potatoes. Double whammy in the comfort food department! We’ll watch the big shiny ball come down in Times Square, kiss each other and load a movie into the DVD player.

May you all have a wonderful evening, whether you’re partying or dressing in PJs and snuggling up. If you live up north, snuggling sound pretty good to me! It’s a cold winter’s night!


  1. a few insane neighbors the next road over made a half-hearted attempt at fireworks around 10 PM, but at -15 deg. I suspect there wasnt much enthusiasm for frostbite OR fireworks. I spent the night tending stoves every three hours, and nursing a cold (thank you, to all the little children at Christmas) and he spent the night sleeping.
    We do know how to party hard in the country, yessir.


    • We made it to midnight. Sometimes, we don’t! It is supposed to get colder today. How cold IS it? Well, for you and I, zeroish seems probable. A little warming in Boston and down along the coast, but inland. Bitter. Glad we got oil. Glad the boiler is working.

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  2. A very quiet new year in my neighbourhood, I think everyone was either out or went to bed early. My sister and I sat up and watched music videos from the eighties while pigging out on Christmas cake, shortbread and chocolate.


  3. I’m going to hang out with my bi-species family members and hope Dusty doesn’t freak out too much when the fireworks come. I wish you and Garry a lovely evening and a Happy New Year.


  4. Happy New Years to you and Garry. Meatloaf and mashed potatoes are always a hit in this house. We are snuggling up in PJs and watching a movie too.


    • I remember when we used to go out to see the First Night stuff in Boston. What I ALSO remember is being SO COLD, all I could think about was hot chocolate and a heating pad on my feet! There is nothing that could persuade me to do that now!

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