And what a year it has been! Terrifying politics and weird weather. Dogs and new dogs and a summer that wouldn’t end … plus an autumn that never quite began. Now, it’s New Year’s Eve! This is it. The end and a beginning.

I don’t believe it is already 2018!

Month by month, this was the year that was.













I participate in WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge 2017

6 thoughts on “MY FAVORITE PHOTOGRAPHS – 2017”

    1. I ran them last week, but I thought there were enough of them — and I added a few more — to deserve one final rerun. Let’s take a big communal pat on our backs. We have done another year. Writing and photography and comments and everything. Yay us! Have a wonderful new year!

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  1. Well, at least there were no disturbing photos of caterpillars this year! Wonderful recap! I must have missed the photo of Duke and whichever of Bonnie or Gibbs the other one is fighting from August…. that reminds me so much of Ody and Spilly trying to tear each other apart as only brothers could do. Hopefully next year will be a better one… A Happy New Year to you, Garry and my favorite pooches!


  2. Some seriously beautiful photos, Marilyn. The black and white are so beautiful, the colourful ones so vibrant, each telling it’s own story. What a wonderful way to review a year. Happy New Year to you and Garry. I hope it’s special and memorable in a good way. 2017 was special for me, I met you and have enjoyed every moment spent chatting with you and Garry. xoxo


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