2017 was big with late night comics, but depressing to real people. Like us.

We laughed because comics are funny, but we weren’t really laughing. Wrapped around the humor was the realization we weren’t going to get out of this mess for years to come. Like — three years — if we do it right. Please, let us do it right!Remember way back in 2016 when Clinton said, β€œLook, I respect his children. His children are incredibly able and devoted, and I think that says a lot about Donald.” She was lying. I knew it. You knew it. I suppose it was the best she could do. She still thought she had to be polite.

We have all learned otherwise in the year since. His children are as awful as he is, though mostly they have a better education … yet they stayed surprisingly stupid. I didn’t know you could get that much education and remain so stupid.

In 2016, I could think about the high points of the year. I don’t believe there were any high points in 2017, except that Roy Moore wasn’t elected to the senate. Otherwise, it’s been a down and dirty year with another one on the way. I’m trying to feel better about it. If we beat the crap out of them in 2018, I might begin to breathe.

Not only does history come around again, but so do cartoons

But here’s a link that brought tears to my eyes. It a video of dreams, our hopes for the future. Check it out. It’s better with music.

This year may turn out to be hilarious at some point in the future, when the world has gone around the sun a few more times.Β  Maybe very funny. If I live long enough, it’ll be ROTFL for me and mine.

But not yet. My sense of humor needs an attitude adjustment.


  1. I think we laugh because otherwise we’d all go mad with terror and despair. I try not to look at the trainwreck in Washington, do not listen to that man, scroll past what I can as quickly as I can. The only thing I do is sort of check in sideways to see if we are still functioning and keep moving away from it. I learned a long time ago (before we had the roof fixed and the windows replaced) that what you can’t change won’t get better by worrying about it.


  2. Loved the Doonesbury but that video is just an instant classic!

    I love Matt Monroe’s singing voice, just the perfect soundtrack! πŸ™‚

    Thanks for posting, and thanks to G’s little bro too!

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    1. Actually a very normal state of affairs… choose a country, ANY country..see? ‘Natural’ human behaviour! 😦

      (I.e. those who are best at gathering money to themselves do what they do best and also do all they can to keep it that way. Buying politicians works very well in that regard. As does staying under the mainstream media radar!)

      Be it communism, capitalism, socialism, fascism, totalitarianism, militarianism or any other -ism you chose the few lead the many and gather most of the economic wealth for personal use. Every system is set up by those in charge to maintain this as surreptitiously as is necessary, and that includes all ‘democracy’s’ like yours and mine.

      Call me a cynic…. πŸ˜‰


  3. oh, that video. How meanly, perfectly, wonderfully done. I think the best part was watching Kelley Conway being removed. And something quite unsettling, seeing Trump being frog marched down the stairs.

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    1. Funny how cartoons stay fixed in your brain. There have been some remarkable cartoons done this year. I suppose our political mess is inspirational. I wrote something about “humor” last year and I read it, realized it needed a reboot.

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