Well, the new year is less than a week old and it seems like 2018 is turning into 2017 on steroids. There’s so much going on this week it seemed to be a “target rich” environment for a blog. The “You can’t make this shit up” and “If you wrote this, nobody would believe it” clichés got together and gave birth to a book called  “Fire And Fury” by a reporter named Michael Wolff. 

It’s an inside look at this train wreck called “a Presidency.” It confirms what has been common knowledge for a while already. SCROTUS is nuts. Senile, and dumb as a brick, too.  And much, much more.  The book is riveting. I downloaded the audio book. Ellin and I sat at the kitchen table and listened for over 3 hours before we realized two things.

One: This is totally engrossing. We can’t stop listening.
Two: Damn, my butt is sore. Don’t sit at a kitchen table for more than three hours.

The thread of the book is how unbelievable this administration is and how unbelievably incompetent this administration is. 

But I think the lead — which has been buried — is how this guy was able to write this book. I’m not making this up. How did he do it? He spent the last year hanging out in the White House. In the West Wing.  He talked to everybody, including the President.

He could go in anytime he wanted. They all talked to him. They all knew he was writing a book!

How did he pull this off?

He met with Trump and asked if he could be a “fly on the wall” and document his administration. Trump said “Sure, why not?” Now he denies it but somehow, he got access to the White House, even though nobody is sure who actually allowed it.

The utter chaos that the book describes is how he got in.

Just sitting here, watching all this shit happen.

So, think of it. A reporter is going to the White House for a year, wandering around and everybody tells him everything. And nobody notices he’s —

  2. HE’S THERE!

And they all seemed to be completely  stunned and surprise that this guy


The other thing about this book is that all the bombshells in the book are not bombshells. It’s all common knowledge. Hell, I’ve written a blog about most of them.

The book points out that they never expected to win. The book equates the campaign to the Mel Brooks movie “The Producers.


I wrote STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES. The White House staff treats SCROTUS like a child.

I wrote WE NEED A FIRST MOM.  They have to come up with ways to stop him from doing stupid stuff, or worse.

I wrote M.A.D. MADMEN AND THE FIVE MINUTE RULE.  The president is nuts.

I wrote NORMAL, NORMALIZING AND NORMALIZING NUTS. The president is getting nuttier.

I wrote NUTS, NUTJOBS AND NUTTERBUTTER. I could go on, but I’m getting tired of the cutting and pasting. And of course Marilyn, Ellin, and Garry have written even more on all of this. Basically, all the stuff we’ve known and been watching unravel during the last year is now in a book because a guy got to sit on a sofa in the West Wing for about a year — and just watched it all happen.

You just can’t make this shit up.  We all know one thing: It’s going to get even weirder.


  1. So I got the book last night — both versions (print for Garry, audible for me) and just like that, there they were on my computer and in my Kindles and read to go. Talk about instant gratification, what we lack the the romance of paper, we make up for in being able to get that book right NOW. I listened to a bit of it before drifting into sleep last night. I need to finish “Robicheaux” which is James Lee Burke’s probably final book about Dave and Clete and New Iberia, Lousiana. Audible hasn’t sent The Books yet, so until I get that dump of books, I can read other stuff.

    Garry read a piece of the book too. I think it make his stomach clench right up. These days, politics seems to get him too angry to speak or think or do much of anything. Wolff said he taped a lot of his conversations and interviews, so I’m pretty sure that’s why there has not been a lawsuit. Those tapes … whew! It really IS like Nixon all over again, but in a brand new iPhone kind of way.

    Is there an app for treason?

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  3. He is a cartoon waiting to happen, and it keeps happening. I love the top image.

    I think one of the reasons the people who voted for him are so defensive about all this, is that they somehow, in their BONES, know what a disaster this whole thing is, and don’t want to admit it.
    To be fair (and let’s never forget the electoral college fiasco) Hillary won by 3 million votes. Not two hundred, or 10,000, but 3 Million. And the electoral college took that away from us.

    One way to keep things going the way you want them is to keep reversing the trains, putting up roadblocks, changing the signs when no one is looking. It causes such internal confusion that you as fearless er leader can just forge ahead and do what you want while your new staff becomes your former staff…

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  4. We have a TV host (Current affairs show) turned Politician (Federal Senator) by the name of Derryn Hinch who was previously sent to jail for Contempt of Court when he broadcast personal details of the accused in a court case after being wanred not to do so by the sitting Judge.

    I mention him only for reason of his nickname – “The Human Headline!” – after he managed to make the front pages of so many newspapers and news reports for his antics and desire for ratings.

    Not that your leader is in any way short of embarrassing nick-names but i thought you might be able to appropriate it for future reference.

    I’m quite certain there are going to be many more note-worthy headlines featuring ‘Trump’ this year like last year (and the year before…)

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