Winsome. When I was editor of the Doubleday Romance Library … oh so long ago! … this was a great word especially when describing the attributes of a young woman in one of the Gothic romances.

Winsome, implying lovely, gracious, charming, and possibly attractive in a non-gaudy, un-flashy way.

So I was trying to think of what in my world might be winsome these days. Bonnie? Maybe? Dogs are always a bit winsome, at least by personality if not by visage. All those adorable things they do are kind of winsome-ish. Okay, not when Duke drags a tree branch in through the dog door and proceeds to imitate a wood-chipper … but when he plays peek-a-boo with his paws, that’s ridiculously adorable.

Photo: Garry Armstrong – At home with dogs

Less adorable when he take those same paws and whacks them hard on my keyboard. I had to pry up a key this morning and one of these days, he’s going to take the ship down with him. Forgive the digression.

I read the beginning of “Fire and Fury: Inside the White House” by Michael Fuller last night. I couldn’t help myself. After Tom Curley’s review of it today on Serendipity, my curiosity went into overdrive. One of the brilliant things about electronic books — audio and other — is that you get them instantly.

Want the book?Before you take your finger off the “buy” button, it’s in your library. It may absorb my time today. Just a warning. I’m in the middle of James Lee Burke’s (last?) book about Dave Robicheaux titled “Robicheaux,” and I want to read this one … and this is the month I’m getting a bunch of audiobooks for review, so it will be my “not-so-available” month.

My winsome dogs will smile at you, though.

FYI for anyone who is following the snow, the cold, and the bank: the bank gave us all the money back. The issue isn’t settled, but they gave us the money anyway. Nice! Thank you BOA. You done good.

The plow was here this morning, so we have a driveway. Paying the guy is going to be an interesting tale because as I have previously observed, free is not the way to go in the snow in New England. Unless YOU own the plow, you have to pay someone. Let us hope for less snow.

Unless there’s such as thing as “self-shoveling” snow? Is there an app for that?

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.


  1. I’ll stick to our furry kids here and ignore the other (2 leg animals). Bonnie is almost always winsome. She’s adorable. The Princess. Duke is winsome in the evening — after he has calmed down and behaves like a pet. Gibbs? I don’t think he likes being called winsome. He’s stalwart!

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        1. BITTER COLD… We have about 30 inches of snow on the ground so far. I think you folks got hit worse than we did by the last blizzard. We’ve still got bitter winds blowing the stuff around…the fields look like white sand dunes. Supposed to have a thaw soon, but I’d prefer not if the thaw means rain. Looking forward to SPRING!


      1. I remember reading Doubleday as a kid and I certainly remember “winsome” as the word of the day haha how time flies. I remember reading thousands of gothic as well as romance novels and “era” novels…those were the days hey?

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        1. Well, I was the original “Jennifer Robins” who was the editor. I wrote all the flap copy and advertising copy for the club. When I left, they had to get a new editor because no one could copy my style. I don’t know why. It was pretty simple.

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    1. winsome is what they sold in old Hollywood. I bought it iike many folks. When I met many of the winsome stars in later years, they were anything but winsome. A loss of innocence.


        1. Yes, DIVA is the word today. So damn annoying. Met some when Marilyn and I were doing movie extra work in recent years. So much DIVA!

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      1. I’ve met a few stars over the years (many visited Port Hardy) I was shocked at how “unwinsome” some of them were. Antzy, ignorant, stuck on themselves. There were a few that were gracious…only a few though.

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        1. Covert, they really believe their publicity. Some of my on camera colleagues were the same way. We laughed at them. Don’t think they noticed.


    1. I’m finishing James Lee Burke’s book first because I’m in the middle of it and it’s too good to let go. This will be next, probably before the weekend is out. I don’t know if Garry will be able to read it. News upsets him these days.

      There should be an APP for cleaning snow. Just press the link on your smart phone.

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  2. I’m glad to hear that the bank did the right thing and that you have been plowed. Probably a good time to be staying home to read though. You don’t hear winsome much any more but it was a favourite description in romance novels at one time. I don’t think many current heroines could be described as winsome even in Mills and Boon romances. They are more feisty now I think. All baby animals are winsome. Gibbs, well I think the original Gibbs would head slap you if you suggested that HE was winsome.

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    1. He might actually shoot you. Winsome indeed.

      Yes, the bank did the right thing and we got plowed. And Monday it’s supposed to warm up, so Ill be able to get outside and breathe too. Now, if ONLY it would rain a little money!

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