Everyone loves a snow day. There are many days, as a retired couple, that we don’t leave the house. But somehow it feels different when the snow is falling and the wind is howling and we can’t go out. It feels different knowing that millions of other people are also hunkering down at home in their sweat pants and furry slippers.

We lit our first fire of the season. I love the smell, the sounds and the sight of a crackling fire in our quaint stone fireplace. Fires make me feel safe, happy and cozy.

I sat on the sofa with my two dogs, a blanket over me to keep me warm and fuzzy. Then we got to watch the dogs joyfully playing in the snow, obsessively eating it (the yard is one giant snow cone for them), and crazily tearing around in it. We had to laugh at their antics. After their chilling excursions into the back yard, they would come blasting into the house through the doggie door, bounding into the family room and shaking off the snow from their bodies. But the snow stayed a little while longer on their noses so we could get another laugh out of them! So cute!

Sitting at the kitchen table, reading and drinking coffee feels special when I can look out at the blankets of snow covering the yard and the layers of ice covering the stream. Everything is quiet and peaceful. It makes me feel centered and at peace. Cold, but Zen.

I love snow days!

10 thoughts on “SNOW DAYS – BY ELLIN CURLEY

    • If I am going to go to a warm climate, I will go west, to California to be with my daughter there. I hate the south and would never live there. Despite all the natural diasters that seem to plague Calif., my daughter has had no real problems from any of them in LA. So my warm dream is “Go West Young Man!”

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  1. Now, if ONLY we could knock some of the snow off the back roof before it becomes mammoth snow dams … and I can already see them. But I don’t see Garry and I doing this, so I guess it’s going to be huge ice dams. Again.


    • Especially when you get to stay home from work or school. They can be a little less satisfying when they come on a weekend when you could be at home anyway.


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