Funnels? I’ve got funnels. I’ve got three funnels in my closet. They are kitchen-style funnels. Pretty small. Medium. Larger. That’s pretty much what there is to say about funnels, unless perhaps you are a manufacturer of funnels. Then maybe it’s a much bigger deal.

Graphic funnels

I use them in the kitchen to transfer spices from bags to bottles. Yes, world, I buy spices in bulk, at least the ones I use the most.

Pen drawing of funnels

These are my artistic impressions of funnels. All three funnels. Showing also spices which I will, at some point in the future, pour through one or another funnel into a jar with a label on it.

Funnels ala Rembrandt, if he had his own funnels — in my kitchen

Otherwise, I don’t have anything to say about funnels. On the positive side of this conversation, if you think pictures are worth at least 1000 words, this is a 3,000 word article. About funnels.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.

20 thoughts on “WHAT CAN I SAY ABOUT FUNNELS?”

      1. I requistioned some of my Mom’s funnels into Marine Corps Basic Training. Made good use of ’em. My stock with fellow recruits rose considerably.


  1. Funnels, they’s pretty handy when you gotta get lotsa liquid, or grainy stuff, from a larger container into a smaller one.., that is, neat like, without spillin’ it all over.


  2. Someone from the Midwest would write about funnel clouds and funnel cakes. Not that I’ve ever seen the former nor tasted the latter… and I don’t even think I have a REAL funnel.


    1. I know what funnel cakes are — I think — and I have to admit I’ve never seen a live funnel cloud, though one passed by our house pretty closely a few years back — they show up in New England too, though less frequently. As for the actual funnels, I always needed them in the kitchen and one day, I bought them. After many years of spilling stuff because I never had a funnel. They were inexpensive and they make a lot of small jobs neater. But writing about them? There are many things that exist in my life, but I don’t THINK about them. At all. Ever. I wasn’t ready to write about funnels this morning, but at least I could take a few pictures.


    1. How poisonous ARE they? We’ve got the brown recluse — pretty poisonous, just ask Garry — and the black widow — poisonous and lethal to the right person. Then there are the many varieties of scorpion and they scare the pants right off me.


  3. Funnel cakes are a ‘thing’ here. I got some once (they were from Dairy Queen and therefore obviously not the highest quality on the market). I found them to be (DQ version anyway) a waffle with pretensions. And there’s the funnel cloud. I’ve seen TWO of those things in my lifetime, despite being mountain bound and therefore not supposed to have things like funnel clouds, tornadoes or the like. AND I’ve found that funnels (your sort) clog up if one is trying to measure out things like Miralax ™ with them. And then it’s possible you’ll have Miralax in places one isn’t supposed to get that stuff…and the dog comes down with diarrhea because that stuff exploded out of the funnel and spread a fine mist over everything in sight. …


    1. I have found that many things clog in funnels. Ginger powder, for one and ground thyme for two. Both of them hit the narrow part of the funnel and clump, so I have to GENTLY GENTLY — using a toothpick — unclump it. Using a bigger funnel doesn’t help. Just makes a bigger clump. Many things clump. Good think I don’t use Miralax. Doggie diarrhea is not good, no no. Not good at all!!

      We get occasional tornadoes in the mountain AND occasionally here in the valley. They are certainly more common in the south and southwest, but apparently with the right weather conditions can pup up anywhere and everywhere. I have never actually SEEN one except the little ones you sometimes see over the ocean.


  4. I’m very impressed that you could make an interesting post out of funnels. I’ll have to search my kitchen drawers now for inspiration!


    1. I just went and took a few pictures. Pictures make writing easier. Sometimes — often, actually — I take pictures and then write around them. A few lines of intro, a few lines in the middle, another picture … voila! Post done! I am lost without a camera!


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