Seriously, I don’t understand how it happened. I don’t have a job. I am definitely, absolutely 100% retired. Yet — I’m always busy!

It’s probably all the reading. In recent months, there have been publications of great books by some of my favorite authors, many of whom hadn’t released a new one in quite a while.

You know I absolutely had to read them. Immediately!

There were two new books and a short story by Jodi Taylor, “The Something Girl,” and “The Rest is History.” book 8 of her St. Mary’s time travel series. Both were great. I’m crazy about the time travel books. Sometimes I need a “time travel fix” and listen to them again.

Then, “Mary Russell’s War: And Other Stories of Suspense” was released — a whole bunch of short stories about Mary Russell and her husband, Sherlock Holmes. “The Furthest Station: A PC Peter Grant Novella” by Ben Aaronovitch was released and while it wasn’t as long as the other books, it was a day of reading.

Somewhere in there I also read the last three Michael Connelly books, two about Harry Bosch and another new one for another L.A. cop. The new Bosch stories are narrated by Titus Welliver, who plays Harry Bosch on the Amazon series, so it’s not just any old book. You can watch the series — or the movie — in your head and the right guy is the star.

I stumbled across “Strange Practice” by Vivian Shaw which is the kind of book you sincerely hope is the start of a new series. It was way too good to be a onefer! It’s about Dr. Greta Helsing who specializes in a  medical practice for treating the undead. Great book and I hope it is followed by many more!

And then, Craig Johnson came out with a new Walt Longmire book — best one in quite a while — and there was Dan Brown’s “Origins” and Peter Clines’ “The Fold” and  Neal Shusterman’s “Scythe” … and finally, to finish me off, the long-awaited “Robicheaux” by James Lee Burke. It has been a few years since his last Dave Robicheaux story and this was a honey. Simultaneously, up came this new book about Trump, “Fire and Fury” and …

You know? I just realized why I’m so busy.

As you may have realized, I’m a listener rather than a text reader. I started listening to audiobooks when I was commuting long distances. I got so into the habit of listening … and very much out of the habit of focusing on text … that I pretty much always listen and very rarely read. I do read a few things because they aren’t available as audiobooks and I want to read them … or I’m committed to reading them. To be fair, though, I love listening. It’s like watching a long movie in your head. It’s better than movies, really.

It’s definitely the books. And that isn’t all of my list, either. There are at least a dozen more still waiting for me to get to them.

I’m in the middle of “Fire and Fury” right now. Curiosity won on this book … but really, I just can’t resist a good book!

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.

23 thoughts on “BOOKS AND MORE BOOKS”

  1. primo levi wrote some great books. Though out of print, they are filled with practical wisdom. After reading one of them, you will not judge anyone, thanks for the post, blessings

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  2. I really love the Peter Grant books, especially as they are mainly situated in London and I know all the places mentioned. The Furthest Station is the second book written concerning the London Underground. I am sure it is good, but why a novella and for the price of a full length book. I have not read it and probably will not bother to read it.

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      1. That’s a LOT of books! As we’ve recently discussed, there are still only 24 hours a day. Subtract sleeping, cooking, etc and you have “working hours”.

        Unless you’re President Shithole, you still have other things to do including blogging and more reading of the work from other bloggers. It’s a busy schedule that doesn’t include executive cheeseburger breaks.


  3. I can see that I will have to check out the Mary Russell stories and The Furthest Station. I read the first book in the St Mary’s series after you posted about them and liked it so much that I’ve already bought two more. I mostly read on my tablet but now starting to think that it is time to buy a Kindle. I need something I can read out of doors without the glare and that doesn’t need charging when I’m in the middle of a good story. I mostly buy books when they are on special. It is nice to be able to pick up a book for under five dollars. I can buy print books at the Op Shop for a dollar but I really don’t have the room and I think the Kindle or tablet is better for travelling with the option of listening too. I haven’t tried that yet.


    1. And a lot of Kindle books really not at all expensive. They tend to be a bit pricier when they are new, but the price drops fast after that. Most of the books I buy on Kindles are way less then $5 … more like $2.99 and often the audiobook for another couple of dollars.

      Kindles are on sale now, too! VERY much on sale.

      I just bought TWO 8″ tablets. Garry’s tablet is old and barely holds a charge and it’s too small to read easily — while mine is just old. I love my big kindle, but there are a lot of things it used to do that it won’t do anymore. So getting TWO 8″ tablets for $99 dollars was pretty good. Picked up a couple of covers for $20 and a couple of 32GB chips (one for each) for $20 … AND a nice set of headphones for Garry because he can’t hear well enough to listen on the built-in speakers.

      So for one Kindle? There are great deals available. I think the 8″ is probably the best size — small enough to fit easily in you regular bag and light enough to carry without your shoulder collapsing. The old one I’ve got is 8.9″ — a bit bigger, but it’s also pretty heavy. The 8″ is much lighter and it does more stuff.

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      1. I don’t think we get all the same models as you do over here. I remember looking for I think it was the Kindle Fire that you had a couple of years ago before we got the tablet and it wasn’t on sale here. The basic Kindle here costs $A109, that’s about $US86, the Paperwhite which I think I would prefer is $A169 ($US125) There are two other models available the Voyage and the Oasis, considerably more expensive. I just need something smal and light to go in my handbag when I’m on a long bus trip or stuck waiting for one or on a holiday when I don’t want to carry books. is about the same price as the bricks and mortar stores so I don’t think they will go much lower than that but I would get a lot of use out of it so think it would be worth it. My tablet is 9 inches and although if fits in my handbag it is heavy to carry around and takes forever to load too as it is about three years old, maybe four.


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