Static. It’s the snappy, clingy electricity you generate by walking on your rug. It makes your hair fly in wild directions. Kind of like Einstein on a busy day — or anytime the air is dry and my clothing  snaps and crackles. It’s the sound Rice Crispies claimed to make before it went all sodden.

A few days ago

Although it also means “still or stationary,” I do not see how it can be all that snapping and crackling yet also mean non-movement and stationariness. Which IS a word because I looked it up. No matter what WordPress says about it.

Nothing static this morning except me and that’s only because I haven’t woken up yet.

Newsflash: the snow is gone! It poured for three days. Not some little old rain, but the old end of spring full-on deluge kind of rain … except it’s just January and that’s not supposed to happen until March in time for the floods.

Winter post snow

And overnight, the warm weather of yesterday flew away and it’s cold. Good news? Mud is frozen! Bad news? It will thaw. It always thaws.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.


        1. So far, it has just destroyed one of the basement windows which we will have to fix after the weather is warm. JUST one window. Why that single window? i don’t know. Can’t afford to replace it, so it’s going to get closed up.

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  1. I had to ask my husband to stop announcing every drop in degrees. Out here in North Central Mass everything is iced over and glittering in the sun. Pretty….until that mud thaws.


    1. I think the ice left right before the temps dropped. But it IS cold … and I have idea what’s going on with the weather. I’m waiting for a springlike break — like last year. Remember? It was warm as early summer through most of January.


        1. I was sure it was coming. We had huge overhanging chunks of ice and snow on the roof … but three days of rain with non-freezing weather really helps. I’m enormously grateful. Didn’t have the money to have some one come and fix it. We’ve had a heavy home repair year and it’s going to take a while to recover. Even to recover a little bit. Social security doesn’t leave you a lot of recovery room.


          1. We’ve had the ceiling cracks all week; the rapid snowmelt was such a savior! The rivers near us are iced up and flooding, but we are on hight ground as far as our own house. Still…scary times! Glad you guys are OK.


  2. It’s strange weather. I don’t even feel like it is Winter. We had snow but it disappeared after two days. We also had a week of rain and now we have the mist. It seems to me that Spring is just around the corner. Today the sun was shining, and although a nip in the air, it was pleasant. My rosemary has been flowering since last year in June, and is still full of tiny flowers.


  3. January thaw. some years it happens, some years it seems to forget us. Seems to be almost relative to the misery that preceded it. If we’ve had an easy winter, we’ll often get temps into the 60s for a day or two. If we’ve had a rough year, we might get a week of relatively mild weather–this year, as you said, three days of joy and then overnight back to wintah.

    It’s normal, and fleeting, Mother Nature’s way of patting us gently and saying, ‘there, there, it’ll get better soon…”

    We managed to save $600 bucks this winter by NOT having our roofs cleaned off, we were both of us both incapable and unable to get up there and struggle through 3 feet of frozen snow, but $600 seemed a bit steep. So we waited, and sure enough, the roofs are now bare. yay mother nature.


    1. Us too. Phew.

      We got a couple of WEEKS last year. It was great. I loved all those tee shirt days in January. I was almost ready to break out my sandals.

      Yeah, it got cold and snowed after that, but I felt better anyhow. I had my warm weather vacation and I didn’t have to deal with an airport.


  4. Weather. Last night I watched “Sunset Boulevard” on KCET television Channel 28. In the film William Holden says “The last week in December, the rains came. A great big package of rain. Oversized. Like everything else in California.” This movie was made in 1950 and I realized that here it is 2018 and the second week in January a great big package of rain fell. Doesn’t seem like much has changed in California.


    1. Some of the bad weather IS just that … but all that building on the cliffs — and everywhere — in California has done a lot of damage to ground structure. It’s like the morons around here who persistently build houses RIGHT AGAINST THE SHORELINE and then are horrified when then house gets knocked down by storms. Duh. I want to know why they keep getting new insurance!

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