I wrote a blog a while ago called Punchlines and Prophecies. In it, I said that we now know that the old adage “anybody can grow up to be President” turns out to be true. But I also pointed out that just because anybody can grow up to be president, not everybody SHOULD be president.

In the comments, a commentator, ‘Lwbut’, made a point that really caught my attention. He said  “The problem is you’re supposed to be a grown up to be President, which clearly the Child-in-Chief has not managed yet.”

That got me to thinking.

Wow, he’s right. If there’s one thing that everybody has realized in the last year, it’s that the moron occupying the Oval Office is a petulant child. A 70-year-old toddler.

In the book “Fire and Fury”, the author makes the point again and again, that EVERYBODY in the White House thinks the President is a child. And they all treat him as one. He’s basically a spoiled petulant 8-year-old. And a ‘soft 8′ at that.

The terms “Toddler-in-Chief”, “Man-Baby”, “Cry-Baby” and “Whiny Little Bitch” show up almost every day in news articles and on TV. Especially late-night TV.

The constitution says that to be President you have to be a natural-born citizen of the U.S. and at least 35 years old. But they didn’t say if that was your actual age, or your mental age!

So — is Trump a child? Think about it. Look at all the pictures I’ve found of Trump as a spoiled brat. It only took me five minutes!! Can you say that about any other president?

If you google ‘ Obama as a baby’, you get Obama’s baby pictures!

If you Google ‘George W. Bush as a baby’,  you get, Bush’s baby pictures!

If you Google ‘Trump as a baby’ you get this.

So. If you are a 70-year-old, but have the mind and temperament of an 8-year old, do you meet the requirements of the Constitution?  I say no! Let’s take it to the Supreme Court!

I realize this is another example of the Child-in-Chief completely ignoring another one of those pesky “political norms.”

In this case it’s “A President cannot act like a child!” So, this is just another thing we’re going to have to make into an actual law. In the future, there will be a sign on the door to the Oval Office that says:

“You must be this mature to hold this office.”


  1. I think Mr. President has gotten the wrong end of the lollipop. A President is a servant of the people, not their boss. He tries to run the country as if he were the CEO, and it just doesn’t go down well at all, does it. And frankly he wasnt that hot as a CEO, either.

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      1. Everybody forgets, he runs a private company with about 50 employees. And he’s always been like this. That’s why he managed to go bankrupt 4 times. WITH CASINOS!!


  2. I have been reading how we are failing to “address” the more pressing, that is “real” issues of our time. It’s my opinion (these days) that pressing Trump on any real issue is pointless. You might as well haggle over his language because this is NOT a man who is going to deal with real issues in an adult way. He’s a bullying child, lacking education, intelligence, erudition, or even a willingness to try to understand anything. He can’t or won’t read. He knows nothing. How then shall we address him on issues? Comic books perhaps? Stick figures?

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  3. You’ve proven over and over in your article here that NO one does NOT have to be ‘grown up” to be President. One SHOULD, but obviously one doesn’t have to. So there. Neener neener. 🙂

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  4. I nearly spit my tea on the screen when I saw that first picture of the advertising sign. Oh, man, that was good. It’s sad that we have a person “in charge” who just can’t keep his cool at all. I tutor elementary age kids of all types and the vast majority behave better than him when it comes to their words and actions around other people. Heavens above, I can’t even listen to him for five seconds without gritting my teeth. I have to read the paper instead, or leave the room and listen to something else.


    1. Thanks! And yeah, in the old days, years ago, OK two years ago, I used to have to use my imagination to come up with funny stuff. Now, just wake up and read the news.

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