Share Your World – January 15, 2018

Whoa! Mid January? 2018? Today is Martin Luther King Day, too … I remember when they decided to make it a holiday and eventually, it really did become a holiday. That was back when this country was actually committed to Civil Rights. Was it a million years ago?

Complete this sentence: I’m looking forward to….

No snow, please. Just … stop snowing. Warm up a little, world.

Also, really looking forward to the day we clear out the White House and install a real President and a functional administration. That will be a day for cheering.

What is your favorite comfort snack food?

That depends. Crystallized ginger is always one. Cookies. Chips and salsa. Toast with jam. And an occasional piece of chocolate.

I don’t snack much and I don’t keep much snack food in the house.

What was one of your first moneymaking jobs (other than babysitting or newspaper delivery)?

I worked at Bloomingdale’s putting price tickets on clothing. In the basement. I also counted incoming goods and marked the bills of lading. I was 14, which was the youngest you could be and still work in New York.

What inspired you or what did you appreciate this past week?

I’ve been doing a lot of reading. Trying to get through “Fire and Fury” and remarkably, I’m actually beginning to feel sorry for a lot of the people who have done the best they knew how to try and make it a functional place to work and a more “normal” administration. Everyone failed.

Bannon may be gone, but he left his hatred behind.

Everyone failed because the man they elected as President is not up to the task. Forget for the moment whether he’s nuts or demented or stupid or whatever else you call him. He is a man who never reads a book.  No education. No deep knowledge of any relevant subject. Can’t — won’t — read reports from the other people who supposedly work for him. He has zero knowledge of the critical material with the White House is supposed to deal. And, to top it off, he has no idea how to manage people. He works entirely on instinct and his instinct is based on the last person he talked to.

In short, you can’t “turn him” into a “real” president. He doesn’t have the qualifications and nothing will make it happen.

I was surprised by the book. There’s a lot more empathy and sympathy in it than I expected and I found myself feeling bad for people and how painful this experience has been for them. We elected a man as president who should never have been allowed into the office and we are paying a terrible price for such a shallow, stupid decision.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.

15 thoughts on “SHARING MY WORLD – MID JANUARY 2018”

    1. I’m betting it’s lack of evidence … or at least the kind of evidence they need to do anything substantial. I still maintain: people elected him IN. PEOPLE UN-ELECTING HIM ARE WHAT WILL GET HIM OUT.

      Seriously, we really need to CRUSH the GOP in 2018 and 2020. Crush. Completely.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. If they could only do the honorable thing and step out from behind him to let him fall, they might regain some modicum of respect, but it seems they are going to stand stubbornly behind him to the end.


    1. We don’t have a government that can throw him out I know it’s bizarre. Just … nobody wrote that into the constitution. I don’t think they ever imagined anyone like this lunatic in office.


      1. I’m hoping our checks and balances survive this. We had some pretty great thinkers conceive of what’s been an amazing, if somewhat messy, experiment in self-government. I heard a pundit today say that draining the swamp meant giving him more power. That’s not how this is supposed to work.


        1. So far, we are still America. We have a very bad president. He is quite probably mentally ill and more than likely slightly senile or MORE than slightly senile. But so far, we still have a congress and we are still looking forward to elections. This is hard times for us, but let us crush the GOP in 2018 and 2020. That WILL show them. I don’t think anything else we can do will demonstrate who and what we are better than that.


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